My U.S. Presidential Prediction

In the United States – it’s election day. And by tomorrow, and either Barak Obama or Mitt Romney will win.

Pretty simple. Pretty cut and dry.

And while I will be casting my vote in a few hours (which I will NOT make public), I can assure you of the following.

Whether the person I vote for wins OR loses, my life will go on. In fact, it won’t skip a beat.

No matter who my president. Or state senator. Or governor. Or town mayor. It won’t change what I do. Not in the least.

In other words, YOU are responsible for your destiny.

If the taxes go up, then I’ll just work harder, smarter and more strategic to bring in even MORE income to offset the higher taxes. Focusing on the negative won’t help me move towards my goals – so I just focus on abundance.

And if you have a job and have a set salary (I also worked for a salary for 8 years), then it’s up to YOU to get off your ass and start taking control of your destiny. Create your OWN sideline income.

Wake up an hour earlier.

Go to sleep an hour later.

Work on the weekends.

Stop watching TV.

Make phone calls with potential partners, customers or vendors during your commute to work.

If you don’t drive, then work on your laptop on the bus or train.

When I worked in a full-time job, I spent EVERY free minute working on my part-time business.


No one owes me anything. And they don’t owe you anything.

When I was working in a children’s hospital, I could have just stayed on the easy path. Stable income with a modest “cost of living” raise each year. 6 weeks vacation. Full benefits. It was easy.

But I chose a different path. I chose to build my own business. I chose to sacrifice all my free time to WORK on building freedom. Lunch breaks? What’s that! I worked during my “lunch” breaks for over 8 years.

I started my first business selling baseball cards back in 1985 when I was just 13. Ronald Reagan was president.

I started my first online business in 1994 when Bill Clinton was president. And I grew it through George Bush’s administration and recently, Barak Obama’s administration.

What’s my point?

Don’t make excuses.

Whether Obama wins. Or Romney wins. You MUST soldier on.

You must take 100% responsibility for your life. For your freedom.

No one owes you anything. Just get out there. Deliver tons of value. Build relationships and live the life of your dreams.

There’s no magic button. It’s all within your reach – it’s just a question of how badly you want it.


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  1. I completely agree with you Ryan! I’ve purposefully not gotten caught up in all the hype as I have in prior years. The real key is to stay focused and grow our own economy!

    Great post!

    1. Author

      If we all do our part and grow a rock-solid business, EVERYBODY wins.

      Thanks for your comments Michelle.


  2. 100% agree Ryan, great post. I have been telling people this for weeks. It’s the true beauty of America.

    1. Author

      Thanks Steve – I’ve been shouting this one for years. It’s frustrating that more people don’t “get it”.

      Keep on rockin’

      1. It’s so true Ryan – not too long ago, I was well in the camp of those who “don’t get it.” I tried following what EVERYONE ELSE in my design circle was doing – working their ass off to survive. The last year of learning has been truly life-changing – much of it thanks to you Ryan and all of you here!!

    1. Author

      That means a lot Kevin – especially coming from you.

      Stay well and let’s talk soon, my friend.


    2. I agree! Very well said 🙂 Hope everyone can take this message with them today forward.

      Best to you and your family and good luck getting power back!


  3. Ryan,

    Very cool post. It should be interesting to see who wins the election today. Also, I hope things get back to normal for you and your family.



    1. Author

      Hi Brian,

      Thank you and even though we just got hit with ANOTHER storm – things are getting back to normal.


  4. Bravo Ryan!
    Take responsibility and just freaking do it.
    Enough said.

  5. You are so right! You have to want it really bad and that’s the driving force behind the “non-stop” attitude. I love working on my business every chance I get. It keeps me alive and I am always thinking of new ideas!!

    Deborah Drum

    1. Author


      Yes – you must REALLY want it. And when your biz is tied into your passion – you become unstoppable.


  6. Nice rant

    My thoughts are this:

    The government doesn’t create jobs, businesses (entrepreneurs) do.

    These candidates affect small stuff in the grand scheme of your individual equation. Plenty of people find success and make money no matter who the president is.

    It’s everyone’s responsibility to themselves to create their own environment. ANYTHING is possible.

    Just my two cents…

    1. Author

      “The government doesn’t create jobs, businesses (entrepreneurs) do.”

      Very true Dewane!


  7. You are right on with this post.
    Get out of the entitlement mindset.

    I like that Take Responsibility.

    Work hard. No one owes you anything.

    Thanks for the reminder today

  8. Ryan,

    You were the first person from which I bought an online product (NanoContinuity). Since then I always followed your content (even when I don’t comment or even share it).

    But today I just wanted to congratulate you for (one more time) being so open, honest and humble about how you get where you are right now… This next sentence really resonated with me:

    “I worked during my “lunch” breaks for over 8 years.”

    It’s so easy to fall for the “overnight success” myth… and thank you so much for reminding me that I’m not “late”… I just have to keep doing what I’m doing: delivering more in value than I charge in price so I can turn my visitors into customers and into raving fans!

    All the best,
    Bruno Coelho

  9. Absolutely Fing-A. I here whining often from Expats in Asia.
    They complain about this and that….ALL THE BLOODY TIME

    I politely walk away.

    When they stop and ask: “Bill what’s wrong”
    I answer, ‘I don’t need anything to be “wrong”
    ’cause y’all are coming up with enough already.

    Then i whip: ‘heck, if it ain’t right for ya give up
    that huge Expat package, safety of Spore streets,
    no-gun policy and the brilliant overseas schools and
    end your stint short and go back home.

    I never had that option. I came here on my own laurels,
    no expat package, struggled on my own, and like Ryan says: ‘I soldier on’!

  10. That’s exactly what I was thinking Ryan.

    Do what you can, cast your vote, participate in the process. Whatever happens, you do your best in the circumstances within your control. If taxes are higher, make more money, if you need to work harder work harder!

    You are responsible for your own destiny.

  11. Great post and you’re absolutely right, Ryan!

    Thanks–I needed this! I actually had DREAMS about the election last night…just a little too intrusive; I don’t want either one of these guys occupying that much space in my head!

    Soldiering on with you, regardless. 🙂

  12. The other day I found myself in the middle of a discussion of RULERS vs government LEADERS.

    I said that NO ONE is my ruler (not talking religion, here… just government). People may LEAD me, they may SUGGEST to me, they may show me a new way to DO things, but no one is my RULER!

    Take you, Ryan… try as you do (and you do it so well) to show people a “better way,” you certainly don’t rule their actions. None of us who teaches, mentors, guides, etc are rulers. The sad thing is, as we all know: MOST people won’t follow what we suggest – even after paying us large sums of money for the advice.

    Life happens. Work happens. Hurricanes and nor’easters happen. Unfortunately most people are stuck on the same treadmill and the same TimeTrap Plateau and don’t get off.

    But as you point out so well… it’s ALL up to the individual. We each must learn as much as we can and then TAKE ACTION.

    Life WILL go on tomorrow, no matter who wins… And let’s make sure that each of us is a winner and we don’t sit idly by waiting for someone else to pull (or push) us up.

    PS: I voted already – line was the longest I remember, and since I vote about the same time of the day each year, that sure shows me that today may set a record for the number of people voting EVEN THOUGH 46 MILLION people voted early (that’s not legal in PA, where I live and vote).

    Hope everyone VOTES

    Charlie Seymour Jr

  13. Hi Ryan…

    I agree things like rising taxes etc., can be overcome for the most part, with extra work, but citizen freedoms that we are fast losing, take choices out of our hands, no matter how hard working or creative we may be.

    Once these rights are infringed upon, or taken away, they are almost never gotten back.

    Our vote should serve to protect the liberty we have right now, in order to be able to continue to control our own destiny.

    If our constitutional Republic country is changed into another government style, our opportunity to build the type of business (and life) we want to build, goes away.

    That’s why it does matter very much, who we put in office, and when.

  14. Great post Ryan! Bitching doesn’t fix things, ACTION does! You’re a testament to that.

  15. Awesome commentary Ryan. Getting back into my fitness business after 2 car accidents.
    I pulled out my Fitness Prosperity Cd’s. The assessment has opened my eyes. Looking forward to more success regardless of today’s outcome.

  16. Ryan,

    I totally agree with you! It was so empowering to cast my vote this morning and still know that regardless of what happens, I will be the one creating my destiny.

    Sorry to hear that you are still without power, but in typical Ryan Lee style, you are still making things happen and not making excuses!

    Keep rocking it!


  17. I couldn’t agree more Ryan – At the end of the day, we must take care of ourselves.
    As Michelle said above, I’ve make a conscious effort to not pay attention to all the media coverage of this year’s election. All it does is waste time and make people angry. Spend that time and energy on your business instead.

  18. I do not agree with you Ryan. I have a feeling a majority of the people will write my name in and I will be president. Then I will outlaw the Internet as my first executive action. You have been warned.

  19. I agree no one controls your destiny but you. Complaining about circumstances you can’t control will not bring value to your life. Do what you can to change your circumstance.

    Cast your vote and move on. We are all Americans and we have seen the good, bad and the ugly, we can handle it.

    Great post Ryan, personal responsibility has always been my mantra although I am a Democrat that believes that we have to help the less fortunate. My mindset is Business/Republican and Social/Liberal and I am a proud American.

    God Bless Us All!

  20. Good points, it is essential that what we do in our own lives is not governed by politics, it is governed by your personal motivations, your drive to succeed, it is all about who you have chosen to become.

    Great post, as usual. )

  21. This is the best post I’ve read when it comes to the election. I’m feeling you on this one. Lunch breaks! 3 hours of TV a day! …. You wanna make it – then hustle and use every minute to build your future.
    Here’s where i screamed AMEN! : “You must take 100% responsibility for your life. For your freedom. No one owes you anything. Just get out there. Deliver tons of value. Build relationships and live the life of your dreams. There’s no magic button. It’s all within your reach – it’s just a question of how badly you want it.”
    AMEN Ryan! Amen!

  22. 100% agree, what a great post! Shared it with a bunch of people. It is all about how badly you want it and the sacrifices that YOU make to get there.

    Great quote ” it’s up to YOU to get off your ass and start taking control of your destiny” 🙂

  23. LOVE IT! It has been the best post I have seen regarding the elections all year. Thanks for refocusing us on where accountability and responsibility truly lies.

  24. This is GREAT advice, Ryan! Thank you for always being a voice of calm and reason in a world full of chaos!

    I wish I would have followed your advice sooner! I admit, I have gotten caught up in all the election cycle B.S.,. and I have just gotten in and my vote is cast. There were some shenanigans though, when I went to vote and they told me I was a “Vote by Mail” when I have never EVER voted by mail, but they fixed the problem at the voting place and I voted.

    But the facts, being facts, are irrefutable, and your wisdom shines like a beacon in the night.

    Regardless of who wins, there will be a tomorrow, and we have to “soldier on!” no matter who comes out on top.

    I swear, you look so young, and yet your wisdom comes from a much more mature place than belies your years.

    Great advice! Worth heeding!

  25. Why would you even bother to vote if nothing matters?

    I work in the income tax area; the tax policy and other policies are set by the government; and the leaders DO DECIDE how well off you live by using the tax code! as well as other policies. I have been on government committee that decide what tax laws they want and it is scary. Everyone does not have your best interest in mind.

    Obviously, you are under 35 years old and do not remember there was a time when some tax rates were as high as 70%. You are saying that it does not matter if the tax rate is 10% or 70%, just work more.
    Contrast one tax rate for 2 different years. Suppose you have 2 children and were worth 15 mil in 2010 but by some unfortunate turn of events you died; Your children would get to keep most of that money. But suppose you died in 2013, your children would have to pay over 55% taxes plus state taxes (Your children would have a fraction as much money). Does that not matter?

    It is irresponsible not to be informed and try to make a difference in your country for yourself and your children,(even if the only thing you do is vote).

  26. I agree wholeheartedly with your entire post and some of the people replying have missed the point. You don’t appear uninformed at all! Sheesh! You do vote – you don’t need to share for whom – but you have done what you can do there and then you take all the individual action you can toward your destiny. That’s all we can do – we vote for whom agree and then the political realm is beyond our control. It’s up to us to take charge of our health and wealth beyond that- we have to because we cannot guarantee what will happen politically.

  27. Agree completely Ryan. Your posts are so motivating. I have been following you since day one. Your direct approach and honesty is refreshing. Which office will you run for?
    Thank you for the years of education.

  28. go to bed earlier and get a good nights sleep, Determine the Critical Few and then Focus on the Critical Few. Be happy and Healthy and Profitable and Play and Pray.

  29. I was so right there and so with you, Ryan, for the personal responsibility angle – no excuses – just do your best and take the next right action. Then I started thinking about the person living in the group home, who is dependent on the rest of us for the quality of his/her life. I also started to think about the woman who is raped and perhaps faces bearing a child with AIDS. Then there are Hispanic young people, who came to this country as babies, are now working hard, but without the Dream Act being passed, are looking at deportation. So, it does make a difference who is setting policies. As usual, a balance is required for there to be harmony. Thank you for your post, authentic and impassioned – and asking us to think – yes, that is our repsponsibility as well!

  30. Ryan,
    I could not agree more, your vision matches mine 100%, and I will do my best to keep my focus on what is important. Then again, keep in mind that sometimes you will fail. You will fail miserably. It’s just a fact of life, it’s part of the process, and denying it will just make your journey that much harder. It’s not how you get through the easy part, it’s how you weather the disappointments. An old japanese saying goes something like this; ” you fall 7 times, and you get up 8″. When you go through these bumps, you will learn the real lessons of life, and by the way, not all of us do learn, not from the first time anyway. But if and when you learn, this is how to make sure you will indeed stay focused, take the blows and just keep going. All the best to you.

  31. Hi Ryan,

    What do you say to someone whose free time is priceless to her creativity and peace of mind? Having been “burnt out” before from overworking as I worked two jobs, I just don’t want to go there again.

    Thanks for the motivation!

  32. I believe in a society where we help each other up by the bootstraps.

    I believe in a society where we make it possible for everyone to move forward without having to chew bullets to get there.

    How do you imagine the economy would be right now if the government made regulations drop-dead easy and affordable for people to start and run micro-businesses?

    There is a reason why they don’t, and it’s the same reason why I agree with the “take responsibility to focus on what you can do for yourself instead of sitting around complaining” up to a point.

    — that is, the point at which we need to get up off our asses to change not just our own lives but the operating rules of our country, too.

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