5 Resources for Great Looking Products!

I used to believe it – big time.

The idea that your information products should be ugly and look “homemade”. And to some extent, it made sense (at the time).

When I first started creating products, back in 1999, technology was not nearly what it is today.

Creating really slick, high-quality graphics was much more difficult (and expensive) back in the “golden days” of the Internet (and yes, life existed even before the Internet).

Now – there’s no excuse to create an ugly site or unprofessional product graphics.

Believe me, people want something that LOOKS GOOD. The days of creating ugly looking products are slowly coming to an end. Everyone knows how easy it is to create something that looks professional – and if you don’t follow in line, it looks like you simply don’t care enough to put the effort it.

And by looking like you don’t care.. it will cost you. Big time.

Here area few resources I personally use in my business every single day to create inexpensive, professional-looking graphics and packaging (and yes, some of these are affiliate links – dude’s gotta pay the bills!).

Optimize Press: Create clean, formatting sales and landing pages using WordPress. Very easy to use. I used this to create the site for 1K Per Day

Box Shot: Love this! Create those cool looking digital covers, membership cards and more… Used this to create all the graphics myself for 1K Per Day

99 Designs (Logo Store): Not many people know about the “logo store”. Find great logo templates and have them personalize for just $99. Again, it’s what I used to create the logo for 1K Per Day

Guru.com: Great place to find someone to do custom work like professionally laying out your digital products like ebooks.

Fiverr.com: Need a quick, inexpensive graphic? Video introduction with your logo? Find it here.. for just $5.

I hope these resources help you.

Oh yeah – and if you are going to put your picture on your site – please spend a few bucks to get a professional photographer take one. Cutting out just your face from a group picture with 6 other people at a wedding doesn’t cut it! Please don’t be “that guy”.. it makes you look like an ass 🙂

Get out there. Create good work. And put a little bit of effort into the design to show people you care about them and your business!

Rock ‘on.



    1. Author


      I like oDesk too – but they are better for “programmers” (haven’t found good design people there)

      Thanks for your feedback.


  1. Ryan,

    The only one I am yet to use is Box Shot and I am going to have to give that a “shot” soon. All of the others I have used and they have been great additions to the toolbox. I am more familiar with Profits Theme, but there are just too many people touting Optimize Press to not move forward with it.

    Regarding that picture, I’m going to have to remember that and get rid of all those spring break shots or the “rabbit ears” photos I have been getting lately with my son’s fingers in the back.

    Thx – Derek

  2. Hi Ryan,

    Thank for the cool resource list!

    When I started outsourcing for my blog, I did some research and found oDesk to be the best. but would definitely check out guru.com as well.

    1. Just saw your reply above – I have used oDesk for hiring content writers and VAs, and it has been a great experience. Never hired someone for design – I use Fiverr for that.

      1. Any specific designers you could recommend on Fiverr? I’ve used a few but find people on there to be pretty hit or miss. Always on the lookout for good ones 🙂

        1. Author

          I’ve also seen fiverr as hit or miss. Haven’t yet found a graphics person I love and would use over and over yet.

          When I do – I’ll let you know!


  3. Ryan – what do you think of Jim Labadie’s head shot he’s used for the last 10 years? Should he get a new one?

    1. Author

      I love Jim’s head shot.. he hasn’t aged in over a decade 🙂


  4. Great product design checklist and thanks for sharing…..

    Rock on!!!!!!!

    P.S. I am finally adding your E-publishing in a box and nanocontinuity to my toolbox….

    1. Author

      You got it Chris – and thanks for your support!


  5. Hey Ryan 🙂

    LOVE 99 Designs! I have a guy there who is awesome because he is FAST…and he nailed my graphics! I told him I wanted “non-traditional, ANTI-BORING” real estate stuff and he gave me spunky and fun! I’m sure he’s just as good at logos. His name is Djani Ismetov.

    And thanks for the GREAT webinar yesterday in IC with Kevin Rogers! He made writing a script for a squeeze page video a piece of cake with his simple formula! I LOVE simple!!

    Have a great day!

    1. Author


      I just used 99designs for a new project – and I was very happy with their logo too.

      RE: IC.. I’m glad you enjoyed it with Kevin. He truly is incredible. Pure talent. Just wait until you see him live on October (hint, hint)


  6. Ryan,

    I’m on the same page with you for most of the tools above. I’ve switched just about all of my sites over to Optimize Press; and am even using their blog theme for the blogging part of the business.

    Boxshot King is an awesome tool (so far everything I’ve seen Jack put out is top notch).

    @Beau, for graphics I really like the work the folks over at Header Valley; I originally found them on Fivvr, and now use them for most of my graphic design work.

    1. Author


      RE: Optimize Press – I really like using it. Very simple and clean layouts.

      RE: Boxshot – Jack continues to crank out awesome products

      And thanks for the heads up about Header Valley – I’ll check them out.


  7. Hi Ryan,
    You always put out such great content, thanks so much. Haven’t yet purchased 1K, on the fence. I’ve already viewed the RL Method and was wondering what the difference is between them?

    1. Author


      If you are an active member of RL Method – I included access to 1K as a bonus.

      Login and you should see the link there.

      Otherwise email Shirley at shirley.yorro77 (at) gmail.com


    1. Author

      Thanks David.

      I have not seen The Perfect Design before – nice one!

      And I also tried fiverr for a few logos – also didn’t love the results.


    1. Author

      Hey Luis,

      Thanks for adding those resources to the list.

      Good stuff – I haven’t seen logoinstant before.

      Rock ‘on

    1. Author

      Thanks for the recommendation Shamballa – I’ll check that out.


  8. Hi Ryan,

    Thank you so much for your tips!!:) Wish I have found your site earlier,
    I just did one logo for my business, I could try that 99 design out:)
    maybe next time! Regarding Fiverr, I think it’s only for certain services, I used before but it was rather disappointing experience,some of the providers even disappeared!:(

    Kind regards,

  9. As someone who works with the creator of Box Shot King, I am happy that you included it in this elite list.

  10. I love this post with resource link for product design. It’s help me a lot to learn some great site with there respective product.

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