Stop Holding Yourself Back

I recently had a free strategy call with a super-nice guy.

He has his own training facility and is trying to transfer that “offline” success to “online” success.

When I look at his blog, I was surprised.

Here it was, 4 or 5 months old and virtually zero content. And ZERO hint of him trying to promote it.

I asked, “how come you are not promoting your blog?”.

He replied, “because I don’t have an opt-in form.”.

Naturally, I said, “why not? it’s been months!”.

What do you think he said? Of course, “I’m trying to figure out how to do it myself.”

I yelled back (a supportive, loving yell of course), “4 MONTHS TO FIGURE OUT AN OPT-IN FORM????!!!”



This is the kind of stuff that gets me insane.

You can find any half-decent web guy to create an opt-in form for around $20 tops.

So instead of spending his time MARKETING – he did nothing.

What’s the point of this rant?

Stop focusing on the small things and get resourceful.

If you are a personal trainer and don’t even have $20 to spend on a opt-in form, the barter a friggen personal training session for a form. Or sell some crap on craigslist or ebay to generate some money to put back into your business.

Creating a true lifestyle business is about one thing… MARKETING.

Get out there. Hustle and start making some sales.

Money loves speed.

Get off your butt and start moving. Start taking action – and stop making excuses.

Do you think I’m spending all day learning how to do CSS? Or HTML? Heck no!

You are the CEO of your business, even if it’s just you. And your role is to market and generate business. Period. End of story.


Rock on,



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