Let Them See You Sweat

There used to be a popular commercial for deodorant that said, “Never Let Them See You Sweat”.

In the “new” world on marketing and selling – it’s not only OK to let them see you sweat, they SHOULD see you sweat! You can be a sweaty mess – and it’s perfectly fine.


I’m not sure exactly when it started, but things are different.

I admit, when I started, I tried to appear perfect. I was always “real”, but I wasn’t always 100% transparent. Then, I become comfortable in my own skin and just started to open up.

People are tired of the lies. The slickness. The hype.

I don’t know about you – but when I see someone who is a little too slick (you know what I mean), my radar comes on. And I”m on guard.

Your customers and subscribers just want you to be REAL. That’s it.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

They don’t need to read through 20+ pages of sales copy. Sometimes, you looking straight into a camera for a few minutes is not only good enough – it might actually convert better than trying to right copy that isn’t you.

If your last product didn’t meet expectations. Or your customer service dropped the ball. Or there was a technical issue – it’s OK.

They would rather see you stand up, explain the TRUTH, take responsibility and do whatever you can to right the wrong.


If you were at DCX – you saw me personally greeting everyone. Walking around during lunch to meet as many people as I could. And you saw me running around a few times like a maniac as well.

Whether I was making sure the videos guys were set or the speakers were mic’d up – to say I was “sweating” is an understatement.

We had some A/V issues – and people knew that. Heck, one of the doors was locked and the attendees couldn’t get out for a few minutes (thanks to Dean Hunt for the polite text alerting me about it!).

Not only didn’t I hide this, we had fun with it.

And you know what? I can’t tell you how many people came up to me and said how they appreciate how “real” I was. I wasn’t hiding on some secret room. I was on the floor, hustling and it was on display for all to see.

Other event producers think I’m insane.

I remember speaking at one event – and you won’t believe this…

The event started on Thursday and the producer (who was the STAR of the event.. his face was on all the banners), didn’t show up until Friday??? I’m dead serious.

He’s a very well known marketer (and actually paid me to coach him for a few months.. although he didn’t listen to me at all), and when I asked why he wasn’t there – he said he was speaking at another event on Thursday. He said it didn’t really matter he wasn’t there.

I couldn’t make this up if I tried. And he wondered why his business was falling apart.

Which event would YOU rather go to? His or mine?

People keep asking why my business continues to grow while other people in the “Internet marketing” space are disappearing. That, right there, is the answer.

I ain’t perfect. Not close. And you know what, neither are you. And it’s cool. Embrace your imperfections and turn them into a strength.

I’m notoriously frugal. Why spend $5 on handouts with a full-color front page, when the front page that was black & white cost just $1? It’s those small savings that allow me to keep my events lower for attendees. And again, I make fun of this fact – and my clients know it too!

What’s the bottom line?

Be transparent. Be there for your customers.

And, oh yeah, let them see you sweat. If you get too sweaty, just grab a towel and get back in the game.

Your coach has spoken.


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  1. Some of the best things in life should make you sweat… Once you learn to appreciate that, your clients will too. Great message Ryan. Thanks for keeping it REAL!

    1. Author


      You are right – and you must get out of your comfort zone.

      Rock on

  2. Actually I already have some Experience with Top IM coaches, But here Ryan Totally different person, He is a result oriented Trusted Internet Marketer .


  3. I’ve been noticing this too — I think the whole DCX experience kinda made me realize that it doesn’t need to be so hard, I just need to be myself. Great post Ryan.

    1. Author

      Absolutely Zach.

      Just be YOU.

      You’ll resonate with the right people.


  4. Haha, love it Ryan! Maybe I should shoot some videos while I’m doing hot yoga!

    I have been blogging about my journey to my first natural bodybuilding competition , and used to think people wouldn’t want to hear me talk about all my ups and downs and why I broke down and ate the chocolate cake, etc…but when I finally opened up to my challenges I saw that so many more people felt engaged and connected with me and my journey.

    It definitely is uncomfortable to be real and vulnerable for the world to see, but I think people connect with that more.

    Keep doing what you are doing Ryan and setting a great example for all of us!

    1. Author

      Just keep on the path Anh.

      People want to do business with PEOPLE.

      It’s that simple.


  5. Thanks Ryan for this great post! This actually makes me relax more and feel like this is something that I can do (which we all can) and that is to just be real and not worry about mistakes- this is a big deal for me being that I tend to be a ‘perfectionist’ but am trying to get over it-( no I mean I AM getting over it!) -and this post just helps me that much more so thanks again !

    1. Author


      Perfectionism can kill your business.

      Be you. Be great. And change the world…


  6. Hi Ryan,

    Being real is scary because people will criticize the “real you”. If they give great comments then it is going to be the best feeling in the world, but when they say “you suck” then it really feels like it is a personal attack.

    Right now I am starting to become more real in my message and my business but still letting people see everything is scary. Like I feel that I need to wear a certain watch, have a certain car, life in a house that is on the best place in town, have the best equipment to create the best videos otherwise people won’t take me serious, I mean who would listen to a guy with 28 years old that is saying that he could help grow his (her ) business with membership websites and then look like I am broke…(I’m not your competitor Ryan, I use what you teach to help local businesses).

    1. Author


      You are right – it IS scary. And it’s the reason so few people do it.

      And it’s why people will CONNECT with you and you’ll stand out from the crowd.

      Keep on being YOU!


  7. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to your last event. But you’re accomplishing the same effect online. I’ve met most of the so-called gurus in this industry, and like and respect a few of them. I’m on the list of many, but few get opened quickly, and yours is at the top of the heap for quick opens.


    I have a recent complaint about your latest webinar. You announced today that you won’t replay it so as to encourage others to be on it live. I think this is a mistake in two ways; 1) if that wasn’t previously announced, a BIG mistake. 2) If that’s the new policy, fine, but make them available to your paid members.

    1. Author


      I really appreciate your honest feedback – and you are right.

      In the future, I will be more upfront if a webinar is recorded or now.


  8. Its amazing how little things can all add up. When I started my business, I used to insist on everything being perfect, slick, looking amazing. And I did alright, but I was building pretty cold relationships.

    When I started meddling a bit more, and being a bit more open – talking about some of my mistakes, embarassing moments, learning curves, deliberately stuttering some times in videos – I seemed to start connecting MUCH better with people.

    1. Author


      You nailed it here:

      “When I started meddling a bit more, and being a bit more open – talking about some of my mistakes, embarassing moments, learning curves, deliberately stuttering some times in videos – I seemed to start connecting MUCH better with people.”

      It’s exactly right and proves that being imperfect is not only ok – it’s better.


  9. Thanks so much for sharing this post with us Ryan. I have been following you and buying your products since your first Membership Bootcamp that you did with Tim. I have so enjoyed watching your business evolve since then and have always known – you are the real deal. I missed you last event, but am thrilled to hear as a FounderFly Member I get to watch the video for free. AWESOME!

    You always “underpromise and OVERdeliver” !!

    Keep doing what you are doing because it works!

    1. Author

      Thanks for your loyalty over the years Lisa.

      I’m just getting started!!!


  10. Ryan, I so agree that the personal connection makes a huge difference in an event! I’ve seen you at the Continuity Summit, making your way through the crowd as people arrive and greeting folks.

    Although not a business event, I experienced the same thing in running an adult leadership training conference through Boy Scouts (called Wood Badge). Our participants were supposed to arrive at camp and hike in with their backpacks… but we had tropical storm Isabel as our first arrival. It was a monsoon. We weren’t sure everyone was even going to attend.

    One of our staff brought his passenger van and ferried the participants in to camp in batches. Those of us waiting inside the dining hall knew we had to do something to make them welcome as they arrived – so we lined up on either side of the doorway, cheering and clapping as they ran through the door to get out of the deluge.

    Well, we weren’t sure what kind of reaction people would have, but we were delighted! The first group looked a bit surprised, but high-fived us on the way in… and then they joined the line to greet the next group! By the time the last folks arrived, they had a huge cheering section awaiting them.

    And, instead of being a bummer or a “washout,” it turned out to be one of the best courses we had run! The personal connection, and surmounting an obstacle together, made all the difference.

    1. Author


      That’s a great story and thanks for sharing it with us.

      It’s those personal connections is what people will remember.


  11. Thanks ryan . i agree with you , as a fitness pros people think i wont make a mistake meanwhile mistakes is part of my growing . i kept on being transparent because i have confidence in myself to develop

    1. Author


      It’s even more important as a fitness professional. We are not perfect and that’s cool with your clients.


  12. I think the truth behind having your events in Stamford is that people have such a horrendous time getting there that a few inconveniences at the event seem minor in comparison 😛


    Love ya pal!

  13. Real is good. And you have ALWAYS been real. I appreciate the hell out of it. Thanks, Ryan. Don’t change.

  14. you are the goods. By the way hope you have recovered from the storm and are with power and such. I was sorry to miss the event as I am getting ready to move to Idaho. I really hope you do the event again and that I am settled in so I can attend. Currently living outside of Chicago and the family in Boise,Idaho. Can’t wait to get back to normal and get started with your program. Thanks for being the inspiration and voice of truth in marketing

    1. Author

      Thanks so much Paul.

      Things are back to normal here – and I look forward to hearing about your success story.


  15. Great reminder to be yourself and people are really appreciative when they know you’ve made a little extra effort for them and gone the hard yards! Also a great reminder on not to get too caught up on the perception of perfect – I’ve only just started to let my guard down and appear in National magazine advertising and have a big picture of myself on Facebook of me wearing one of my breastfeeding dresses feeding my baby – keeping it real. I’m a size 16 and like many women get very critical of photos of myself but I’ve let go of all that and I do get a lot of thanks from mums for showing real images. Rock on Ryan!

    1. Author

      Good for you Melinda.

      Embrace who you are and the right people will follow you.

      Keep on rockin’

  16. As always – a great post. I have to thank you for sharing this because I have been feeling rather stressed lately. I am ‘officially’ launching my new website on December 1 and I know I am not going to have all the videos up etc. I can’t seem to make up my mind on the photos and I am really nervouse about some of my videos that are just me talking – I have never done that before. After reading your post I feel better about it not being perfect. Hopefully all of my hiccups and quirks will help people connect better with me – thanks again for having just the right message at the right time!

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