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PRODUCT REVIEW: Facebook Fan System by Austin Walsh

This is the first of my 100% transparent, No BS product reviews.

There’s so much crap in the marketplace and I’m tired of guys just hawking products to make a commission or as a favor. They promise “reciprocation” and never even review the product. It’s bullshit and it has to end. They hype up every product like it’s the second coming – and there’s zero credibility.

These guys don’t care about long-term relationships, it’s just about the quick cash. So from now on, before you buy ANY product, check out my review first.

I get access to dozens of products a week. Some products are really good and some simply suck. So now, I am finally giving real, honest reviews of business/internet marketing products – with a grade.

Some of my marketing “friends” will be happy.. and many will not. But that’s ok with me. And if they don’t give me access, I’ll buy access so you can get the real scoop.

I’m here for YOU (and yes, I usually use an affiliate link because while I’m transparent – I’m not stupid :)  I know even if I give a bad review you might still purchase the product, and with 4 young kids, college ain’t cheap!


First, the skill level is my opinion of who will really benefit from it.

The “Content” is the quality of the information or usefulness of the software.

The “Value” is the quality of the product in relation to the product cost. For example, it may be a pretty good product – but if the price is too high, the value would be a lower grade.

And overall rating is how I rate this product in the marketplace. Bottom line, is it worth investing your money in the product.

by Austin Walsh

Austin Walsh first came onto my radar during my “Nano Continuity” launch. I didn’t know Austin – but he really pushed my product hard and managed to land in the coveted Top 10 during the contest (the Vegas trip!). And about 2 weeks ago, he sent me access to his new product, Facebook Fan System, to review.

So here we go…

SKILL LEVEL: Beginner/Intermediate

The product delivery is smooth as Austin uses his iSocial Academy membership platform to give you instant access. The drop down navigation makes it easy to find the content.

The bulk of the program is his fan page software and the video training.

SOFTWARE: I watched the videos and it seems very straight forward to create a nice looking fan page. Just a few edits to the simple HTML code and it’s done (you can see a screenshot of some of the code below). I don’t think it’s anything revolutionary, but I like the fact you can create nice looking fan pages quickly (and you can even use the code to create page for other people.. as a possible business opportunity!)

And since Facebook now allows iframes, they have a simple video tutorial on how to do that as well. It was smart to add that video!

THE CONTENT – There’s a video clip from a seminar Austin did. The audio quality is not very good, but it’s still audible and he had a few nice strategies in the session about creating a fan page and updating content. Watching him speak at such a young age – you can see he definitely has the gift of professional speaking!

There are also some bonus ebooks – which I thought were pretty solid. Again, nothing revolutionary, but a nice addition.

And a video tutorial showing you how to create a facebook marketing campaign – which was simple to follow.

VALUE: At just $27, this is a good value. Heck, the software and a couple of tips from his seminar video are worth the small price of admission. If this were a $2k training package, I would have been disappointed – but at $27, it’s worth the investment.

I like the fact he is keeping the price affordable for anyone to build trust and long-term relationships.

OVERALL: Considering the software coding and the bonuses (along with a price of just $27), I give it a solid B- and look forward to more from Austin in the future!


Feel free to post your comments and thoughts below…

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