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6 Reasons to Attend Elevate New York 2015

6 Reasons to Attend Elevate New York 2015

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The Marketers Were WRONG (How to Market in the New Economy)

I’ve been to dozens of marketing events where the speaker will say things like “people are dumb”. And it always angered me. My late grandmother used to buy from QVC all the time (and it drove my grandfather insane!). So was my grandmother dumb?

My mom loved shopping so much so was on a first name basis with all the employees at Bloomingdales (seriously).

And all of my other friends and family that are “consumers’.. are they dumb too?

To paraphrase Whitney Houston, “Hell-to-the-NO!”

People used to fall for many of the “marketing tricks” that have become common place, especially in the online world. Things like “scratch and dent sales” and “my server crashed”. Or my all-time favorite – I can only sell “x” number of these ebooks (why would you ever limit the number of ebooks you sell, they are digital!)

But consumers know better now and they 100x more skeptical.

So instead of trying to act like your product or service is perfect – how about admitting your flaws?

Be open. Be honest. Be transparent. Be authentic.

You will gain their trust, build relationships and that, my friend, is how you build a long-term business that’s virtually recession-proof.

Watch this video to see how advertisers are staring to pick up on the overall marketplace skepticism…

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