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Do You Have What it Takes to Win?

I never understood people who are happy with just being ‘mediocre’.

When I ran track in college, I didn’t aim for a silver or bronze, I went for the gold in every single race. Why the hell wouldn’t I? Did I win every race? No, but I worked harder than everyone else in practice so that every time I stepped on the track I had the best chance to win. And it’s the reason why I was voted team captain and won the annual award given to just one athlete. I was not the fastest on my time, nor the most gifted athlete, but I worked hard every day and got results.

It’s the same thing in life. My goal is to be the BEST father to my children and husband to my wife. Sure, it’s easier to just plop my butt on the couch and watch sports all day, but that will not make me a better father or husband.

So why would you not try to be the best in business?

I’ve done well over 1,000 coaching sessions with would-be entrepreneurs, and a large percentage are happy with just being average. Trying to eek out an existence and make a few sales here and there.

They simply aren’t willing to fully commit. They aren’t willing to study more. They aren’t willing to give up television at night. They aren’t willing to set the alarm an hour earlier to get more work in before any else is even awake. They aren’t willing to go to workshops. They aren’t willing to invest in their education.

I’m not the smartest guy in the world – not by a long shot. I graduated high school right in the middle of my class with an ’80’ average. I barely broke 1,000 on my SATs. But if I see an opportunity, I go for it with everything I’ve got.

You have to look at your competition and figure out “how am I going to WIN?”. How can I provide more value, make more sales, get more traffic, etc.

In life and in business, NEVER go half-ass. If you can’t be the best, don’t even bother. Just go find a safe job “with benefits”. This life of an Internet entrepreneur isn’t for everyone – and that’s ok. But if you are ready to fully commit, then REALLY commit and give it everything you’ve got.

Here’s a short video to get your blood pumping and get you in the mindset to tackle your goals head-on and be #1…

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