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Become an Agile, "Virtual" Entrepreneur With…

I LOVE running a digital company.

There’s something so free about working from a laptop. Lately, I’ve been spending every morning at a different bookstore or coffee shop doing my “thinking” projects. Everything from copywriting and Inner Circle updates to email newsletters.

And since all of these places also have free wi-fi, it’s a great way to have a change of scenery to keep my creative juices flowing.

One of my favorite tools for going virtual is DropBox. I signed up about 7 months ago – and I’m 100% hooked.

You get up to 2GB of storage for free and can access all your files from any computer.

All of my Word and PowerPoint files are uploaded to my dropbox account – and I never have to worry about losing a flash drive or being logged into one computer.

Believe me, the worst thing that can happen is having all of your important files on a flash drive and losing that drive. It happened two years ago – and it was an absolute nightmare.

Go there now and open a free DropBox account.

Let’s go “virtual” in 2011 together!

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