First Annual Thanksgiving "Give Yourself a Plug" Day!

Tomorrow, Thanksgiving is celebrated all over the United States.

And as my way of giving thanks to YOU, my loyal subscriber – you have a chance to plug your own product, service or web site.

Unlike other marketers, I firmly embrace the spirit of “abundance” – as there’s plenty for everyone. And with hundreds of thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs tuning in here everyday for their latest shot of bullshit-free marketing, you never know if you make some sales or find a new JV. Just one person can change your life.

Feel free to mention your web site, product and what you offer to the world below.

So go ahead, give yourself a “plug”. Don’t be shy…


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    1. Thank you Ryan! Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, and your many subscribers.

      My name is Cliff Harwin. I’m an author and publisher. I’m an expert on the subject of highly sensitive people. High sensitivity is an inherited character trait. Are you a highly sensitive person? Go to my Website and find out!

      1. Hi Cliff,

        Thanks for sharing your site. It looks really good. My daughter is a highly sensitive person and I just texted her about your site so she can sign up!

        If I could make one small suggestion–so many people are using Video these days on their landing page because it increases their opt-ins considerably.

        Check out how I do it:

        “The most popular Inner Game training for Online Marketers in the world!”

    2. Happy Thanksgiving Ryan!

      My name is Todd Bradley and I am the author of two books. The book I present through the website describes how health clubs and personal trainers can use a unique system to earn thousands and even millions of dollars more each year in personal training income.

    3. Hi, I’m Ross Franklin, a health club consultant with over a decade of experience operating and managing high-end, mid-range as well as low-cost model health clubs. If you are a health club owner looking to take your health club to the next level, take a look at my website and give me a call to discuss further.

    4. As a performance coach/ psychologist, I specialize in the strategies to win the mental game. I bring the best of positive psychology and peak performance training to create an Optimal Performance Mindset. I work with musicians, athletes, business executives, groups, teams, presenters and speakers, moms, dads and teenagers.

      I am offering a free consultation to anyone responding to this Thanksgiving day “Give yourself a plug.”

      Contact me at 801-400-2281

      Step up, Risk, Enjoy!

      Jon Skidmore, Psy.D.

    5. Thanks Ryan,
      Happy Thanksgiving to All!

      Have you ever taken even one moment to think what would happen if someone ran a stop sign and somehow you were unexpectedly sidelined in a coma or worse? Who would provide and protect your family, your business, your assets, your pets, your charitable causes and more?

      Through some unbelievable hardship of my own, all unexpected, I ended up designing a really cool, immediately downloadable e-book called “My Estate Management Guide… for families”.

      Please, please consider getting yours today and documenting all of your wishes, just-in-case! I also offer 1-on-1 coaching to help you along the way too! Thanks again and please plan for the worse and hope for the best, 100+!!

      Life is short, make it count!

      Yours truly,
      Mary G. Anderson

    6. Richard, your site is so bright and colorful…I LOVED it! Maybe adding a little video to it would produce even more opt-ins!

      Here’s how I do it on my site:

      “The most popular INNER GAME training for Online Marketers in the world!”

    7. Hey Ryan,

      Great idea thanks!

      Niche Site Mastery is my membership site where I teach people how to make money with Google Adsense. One of my recent students went from having zero passive income and no websites, to 65 sites, 10 of which are earning a total of $60-100/day within 60 days of his launching them. The rest are still climbing the SERPs.

      Not only do I teach this stuff, I am actively involved in the business and have my own portfolio of niche sites.

    8. O.K. Ryan. If you’re giving out a freebie then so will I. My name is Ian Sherman and I show intelligent people how to put 50k in their bank accounts every month without selling , calling , MLM ….. or …. wait for it…. AFFILIATE MARKETING !!!! …( yes, you can read that last part again if you wish )

      So what’s my free gift ? Until tomorrow (1pm , Friday the 25th ) I will give whoever logs into my sight a FREE list building machine. Just type the letters LB (list builder) after your name when you log in so I know who gets the goods. And that’s it!

      Ian Sherman

      P.S. Free means Free …. Don’t thank me …. Thank RYAN !!!

    9. I have developed a weight loss program for people who hate exercise. AS a physician, I encountered many patients who needed to lose weight but could not or would not exercise. This program, developed over a period of 10 years in medical practice, allows couch potatoes to lose 1 to 3 pounds a day consistently without exercise, counting calories or measuring portion sizes.

      It has taken me 8 months to get this on the internet. I am looking for a strategic marketing partner so I can focus on content and spread the word even faster.

      Contact me through the “conact us” link on the site.

      Happy ThanksGiving

      Dr Jennifer Daniels

      PS- I have miracle cures for ADHD, Arthritis, Candida, Auto-Immune Disease and Alcohol Addiction. I need a marketing/technical partnership to shorten the product creation and marketing cycles.

    10. O.K. Ryan. If you’re giving out a freebie then so will I. My name is Ian Sherman and I show intelligent people how to put 50k in their bank accounts every month without selling , calling , MLM ….. or …. wait for it…. AFFILIATE MARKETING !!!! …( yes, you can read that last part again if you wish )

      So what’s my free gift ? Until tomorrow (1pm , Friday the 25th ) I will give whoever logs into my sight a FREE list building machine. Just type the letters LB (list builder) after your name when you log in so I know who gets the goods. And that’s it!

      Ian Sherman

      P.S. Free means Free …. Don’t thank me …. Thank RYAN !!!

  1. Thanks for the opportunity, Ryan! Been a follower of yours since I was a trainer back in the day! Know I focus on InControl Websites. We focus on building websites for the fitness and health industry – but these are not your average sites! These sites are employees for your business! They help you automate your marketing, improve, nurture and develop a relationship of trust between your business and your prospects and increase your offline marketing ROI. I call it the website trifecta 🙂 Learn more at!

  2. My name is Ben Greenfield.

    I teach personal trainers, coaches and gym owners how to make more money. Here is my website with an excellent book I wrote about making more money as a fitness professional, along with lots of useful blog posts:

    Plug completed.

    Ben Greenfield

    P.S. If you read this comment, visit the website, and write me a personal email with subject line “Ryan Lee comment”, I will send you a free, signed copy of the book.

  3. Hey Ryan! Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving. What a great time of year to bring everyone closer.

    I run a company called the ProductPros down in Orlando, FL (where it’s still 80+ degrees!).

    What we do is done-for-you info product creation. We handle everything from helping you create your product outline and framework all the way down to recording, editing, design, sales copy and hosting. And we have a really good time in the process.

    We also have a new side of the business where we perform done-for-you Facebook Advertising. We mostly deal with high ticket items and professional services (dentists, doctors, financial planners, sales pros, etc) and have had some great success.

    I’d love to talk to anyone and everyone and hope you all have a great holiday! You can email me directly at A quick call or email with any questions would be a great way for me to give back and say thanks! 🙂

  4. Ryan, happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! And thanks for this opportunity.

    At the EHR Training Academy, we offer training in healthcare IT. With the emergence of the electronic health record, there are numerous new roles being created for people who have the right training.

  5. Hi Ryan and fellow followers of Ryan

    I just wanted to share our site beacause I’m taking the Ryan Lee method at the moment and I listen to so many people having technical questions about setting stuff up.

    My partner and I run and that’s a training site for all things technical in Internet Marketing. Things like setting up and using WordPress, Aweber, Amazon S3, Twitter, Facebook and much more.

    The training is Video and PDF(with screen shots) for those that don’t like video 🙂 I think we have over 160 training pieces.

    If we don’t have what you need then shoot us an email and we will do what we can.


  6. Thanks Ryan; what a nice gesture. We’re the “anti Wall Street” company helping investors and traders take things into their own hands. We currently have over 7,000 members world wide. We specialize in education and market guidance. We have members who are still with us since we began the business in 2004. Like you, we focus heavily on providing top notch products and customer service and that is why we have been able to grow year after year. It’s worth a peek!

    Thanks again, and Happy Turkey Day!

    John Hopkins
    Invested Central

    Inner Circle Member

  7. If anyone is looking to team up with a company focused on serving the Fitness needs of busy Families, then we’d love to have you check out Fit Marriage:

    Whether you’re on the family side of business or the fitness side, I’m sure we can find a great way to work together.

  8. Hey Ryan, Thanks for this.

    I am now an international speaker at events like the World Internet Summit, but before

    anyone had ever heard of me, this is how I got some of the top ‘Guru’s’ online to promote

    my products for me, even though they didn’t know me from Adam.

    Most people struggle to get any of the top marketers with huge lists to promote for them.

    This will help anyone who wants to win JV’s with well-known marketers. Even people who

    don’t yet have their own product should find out how to do this, ready for when they DO have

    their own product to promote.

    Get it FREE at the link below….


    Roy Carter

  9. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the free plug…here goes.

    I’d like to find some more JV partners / affiliates for my brick and mortar / online specialty tire and tire chain business.

    Check out

    We’ve been in business since 1938, online since 1995 and have had a full blown ecommerce store since 2009. We do quite a lot of business online because we are an excellent source for hard to find tires, tubes , chains etc. for farm, industrial, landscaping, golf markets.

    We sell all over the US and ship from multiple warehouses.

    For affiliates we pay 10% commission.

    Again, take a look and call me at 1-800-225-9513 if you’re interested.

    Thanks again Ryan! We’re just up the street from you in Worcester,MA.


  10. Thanks Ryan… I’ve already looked up some of the folks who’ve already listed! Very cool idea.

    We are the leader in Branded Fitness Marketing. We work with fitness professionals who want to empower their own “Brand” by incorporating their logo on top quality fitness components… right down to business cards!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Ryan, you are awesome.

    If anybody here likes to train for serious strength and power, come check out my site. Grip and Strongman are my main loves.

    Always interested in meeting and working with cool people. Feel free to hit me up about JV events related to strength training, muscle building, and fitness.


  12. THANK YOU Mr Lee!
    You rock!

    Hey everyone, i have THE FASTEST fat loss program around. backed up by success story after success story.

    if YOU want to drop AT LEAST a clothing size and up to 19lbs in 19 days we have a new ’19 day get lean project’ starting next week.

    come and check out our OUTRAGEOUS results and social proof on facebook.

    Paul Mort
    The UK’s Leading Fat Loss Expert

  13. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the opportunity! I hope you and your family have an awesome Thanksgiving! 🙂

    I have one site that is relatively new and I am trying to gain traction with and another that can be a great resource for those that use WordPress to deliver their content.

    The first is => I would appreciate if people would Google +1 it or share it.

    The second is for WordPress users =>

    Thanks again!

    Hope everybody has a great Thanskgving!


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  15. Hey Ryan, thanks for the opportunity for a little self-promotion. VERY COOL and generous! Even if the links are no-follow 😀

    I can see the links worked because I just opened up two of the links posted above me in another tab and am looking forward to checking them out. Looks like info I am very interested in!

    I am conducting a social media and online branding experiment at my blog and am fully disclosing everything I am doing to build an online brand using social media. It is a follow-along blog and learn blog. If anyone is interested – I currently have com-luv premium installed and my links are do-follow for everyone who leaves a REAL comment relevant to my blog post. So come check it out, get a link back to your own website with a comment, and subscribe to the blog – THANKS!

    Thanks again Ryan – this opportunity rocks!

    Happy Thanksgiving 😀 (BTW – the day before Thanksgiving is a “National No Complaint Day” to help people get into the spirit of gratitude 🙂 If anyone reading this is up to it, I invite you to take join us in a complaint free day!)

  16. Hi Ryan! What a nice gesture. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

    So here’s what Bryan and I do: We show every day internet marketers how to be successful. We offer several compelling newsletter features:

    1. Markdown Monday where we pitch one of our products for a ridiculous price (usually under $10) for a brief period (usually 3-4 days) before we raise the price.

    2. The Awesome Money Report, where we share with our readers some of the neat products and services we found the previous week from fellow marketers.

    3. Feedback Friday, where we write a blog post that (we hope) solicits some good feedback from fellow IMers.

    Plus, we also make how-to videos, ebooks, and mindmaps to help out our peers.

    We recently sold a 43-video series on how to set up a WordPress website and we did a private label deal with Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos. We did the video training. It can be found at

    Check out our main site here —

  17. Hi and a Happy Thanksgiving to my Colonial friends 🙂 I’m a web designer and search engine optimisation guy based in London, so always on the lookout for a cool backlink – thanks.

  18. Thanks for the help Ryan here is what I offer to my clients. A shop where the owner still rides and enjoys it. That alone separates me from the other shops. I can do things like, expert repairs, coaching for competitive cycling, lessons on how to use your bike efficiently, clothing so that you can perform at your best and ride more often, hard to find parts, bikes from Parlee, Jamis and a place where someone understands what they like and enjoy about cycling.

    P.S. I have followed Ryan’s advice for years and see results like better customer satisfaction every day. “Follow your passion” is my personal motto!

  19. Thanks Ryan.

    I enjoy helping newbies get started making money online, whatever their interests and hobbies, there is a way to monetize it! 😉

  20. Besides helping people to feel better on all levels, I am a professional energy reader. I can see what’s going on in a person’s life on multiple levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and I have several testimonials of very satisfied customers.

    Our auras or energy fields contain a library of information about who we are, our histories, idiosyncrasies, interests, health levels, love interests, not to mention our spiritual inclinations and level of development.

    Let’s face it, an experienced aura reader can get a much more detailed and relevant picture of a person than we can from a form completed in a health care provider’s waiting room or a dating site’s profile page. Whether you’d like to learn more about how to become an aura reader or whether you’re considering hiring a professional to do it for you, perhaps you should learn a little bit about what proficient use of this skill can achieve.

    Why get an energy or aura reading?

    An aura reading can help you to distinguish all of these and more:
     Good for physical detection of abnormalities
     Helpful for learning mental/emotional history associated with illness, a frozen pattern of behavior or thought
     Useful for finding out people’s talents, interests, gifts.
     Which decision or choice is best from among the options presented?
     Finding the right homeopathic remedy or supplement as well as dosage
     Uncovering what potential job holds the greatest dividends for you personally and professionally
     Learning more about how the people in your life are doing
     Discerning honest from dishonest intentions from others
     Valuable for health professionals of all disciplines to be able to both glean information on what a client’s issues/conditions are, as well as to see/compare the effects of treatments on them.
     What your Law of Attraction barometer is at and what’s keeping you there (and of course what can help you attract more of what you truly want).

    I am happy to give a 5-minute sampler to prove that I do know what I’m doing! 🙂

    Write me at or check out my website at to learn more what I can do for you. More detailed information on Aura Readings can be found at

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  21. I help you find your creative side! Check out my blog for awesome projects I have made using Stampin’Up! products. (Christmas cards, Countdown to Christmas frame, gift ideas, and much more). Thanks, Ryan!

  22. Thanks for this opportunity, Ryan… you are always giving, man!

    I want to take this time to give THANKS for what you do all year long – help people. OK, so you and I work in the same “space,” so your materials really hit the mark with me and I can so clearly see why YOUR materials are good when others often aren’t… and I know how grateful others are that you are here giving and giving.

    I’ll just offer one link – to our SYSTEM that helps people Get Found, Build a Relationship with people online, and the Follow Up automatically. It’s at our do-it-yourself site with products and services:

    There’s also a great little service provide there: MBS – Marketing Business Systems. We take your videos (and articles) and do all the heavy lifting for you by syndicating them throughout the Internet. (Syndicating is that big word meaning “we get your materials ALL over the Internet so people can find you”).

    Happy Thanksgiving, Ryan. Chat again soon.

    Charlie Seymour Jr

  23. Ryan! Very cool of you to put out this resource sharing opportunity. Many thanks, amigo.

    Quick bit about myself… I’m a fitness pro and movement education specialist from NJ. Got into coaching after looking for answers to mitigate my own pain from a life of hard-charging activity.

    Check out to find out more about myself and my community, as well as get access to your free plank flow body weight program. I frequently update the blog with videos and tips.

    I’ve also got the first in a line of body weight programs coming out at

    And, for anyone who’s on facebook, hit me up at for the fan page. for my personal page.

    I’m open to anyone looking to talk shop or JV.

    Happy holidays to all.

    Thanks again, Ryan.


    John Belkewitch

  24. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!!

    We take business owners passion for gut feel and introduce the rigor of evidence.

    Simply analysing the financial statements of a business a lot can be determined about how well the busienss ‘can’ do – most people look backward at how well they ‘did’ do.

    Removing areas of ‘margin destruction’ hidden in the financials can make a huge difference.

    We offer a piece of software and an online training program for Evidence Based Business Managers! Be as good as your business can be.

    Thank you Ryan and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


  25. Ryan,
    Thanks for the opportunity. Please let me know if there’s something I can do to assist you. My primary site is…

    which is a real estate investing site packed with how-to real estate articles, videos, success stories, and other resources and tools. Please come by to check us out. Thanks.

    1. Wow Tim. Awesome. Your site is where I got my foundation to how I got into real estate. Did you create this site? Its a great website model.

  26. Hi Ryan…

    Thank you for your great ideas… Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    Your readers may be interested in attending a free live Webinar on Entrepreneurship…. Seats are limited. Pre-registration is required.

    Wednesday, November 30, 2011 at 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

    How Do I Begin My Entrepreneurial Journey? Take the guesswork out of the business start-up equation.

    This FREE LIVE WEBINAR presents the entrepreneur with the critical sequential steps necessary for effectively launching a small business enterprise. Discover how to minimize your risks and maximize your profits before you invest your capital. Learn how to do “what works” and how to focus on “what matters.” It’s time to turn your idea into a viable business venture!

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  27. Hello Fellow Ryan Lee’ers,

    For those of you who are dads, I send out a free weekly email newsletter to almost 5,000 dads encouraging them in their roles as husbands, fathers, and family leaders. My passion is helping men in this crucial area of fatherhood. You can signup at:

    Thanks for letting us plug today Ryan. 🙂

    Joey Watkins

  28. Hi Ryan

    Thanks for this amazing opportunity, and Happy Thanksgiving!

    I help creative entrepreneurs (in particular visual creatives such as photographers and interior designers) turn their passions into profits, through coaching and consulting services for website design, online and offline marketing.

    I also help people who are stuck in a job they hate, who want to start planning their own business doing what they love.

    Thanks again

  29. Thanks for the opportunity to share my writing service with all the readers here! I help business and website owners send clear, concise, and profit-making messages to their target market.

    Whether you need web copy, blog post, ebooks, auto-responders, or a simple SEO articles you can count on me to deliver quality for a fair price!

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    RyanLee Reader Special!: Free ebook cover design with your short eReport (up to 20 pages) order. Mention it when you place your order. Special ends Nov. 30, 2011.

  30. Thanks Ryan,to let us leave footprints on your blog.Here is my website,find out more secrets how to make money online,newbie friendly.
    Thanks again,have a good Thanksgiving day!

  31. Ryan you ROCK! I have two plugs..

    The first is for On Site™ – Mobile Payments for Events. It’s an iPhone app that empowers Event Organizers to accept credit card payments at the door of their events. Learn more here –

    The second is for Impressto – Etsy for Pixels. Impressto is where Creatives set up shop to buy, sell, and freely share design assets. Free and premium design assets –


  32. Tanks Ryan…I am currently in the Ryan Lee Method and the program is awesome!

    I run … a new instructional website for enthusiastic tennis players. There is tons of free content on there already and currently I am producing what I believe is some of the best instructional video content on the Internet to help people improve their Tennis game really fast. 80/20 style stuff here!

    Keep up the great work!


  33. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the great opportunity!

    I am currently seeking affiliates for a new fat loss product for women, designed by my good friend Becky McIntyre, that will be launching soon. We are doing a “soft launch” to our internal lists over the next 30 days and will be running paid ads to the sales page to test and improve conversions. We will continue to tweak and improve the sales page, the offer, the product itself…and build testimonials over the next 4 months. Then we will be officially launching the product in Spring 2012, right before bikini season. The website will be up in the next few days at, and there will be a link for affiliates in the footer.

    I am also seeking health, fitness or weight-loss experts that would like to provide orginal content (articles or videos) for some of the various health-related sites we manage. The niches are six pack abs, back pain, muscle building and “general” health (think Dr. Mercola type of site).

    For more information on the product launch or if you are interested in providing orginal content, please contact me using the Contact page on one of the following sites:

    Thanks in advance!

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving if you are in the US…or a Happy Thursday if you are outside the US. 🙂

    Best wishes,


    1. Pete,

      Exciting news. Let me know if your looking to do some JV traffic.I have a new offer I’m getting ready to launch the first of the year.


  34. Hi Ryan! I think my site is a bit different than most here. I have a Rubber Stamping and Scrapbooking business where I teach people how to make all kinds of paper crafts from cards to scrapbooks to gifts to home decor.
    It’s really fun and I feel so blessed to be able to craft all day and call it my job! Hope you’ll pop over to my website and check it out!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  35. Hey Ryan, Awesome idea and a great way to say thanks to your followers.

    For anyone who is looking for a search engine optimization and/or a web development firm to help grow their business, please keep us in mind:

    Thanks again!

  36. Hi Ryan,

    Happy Thanksgiving we hope you have a Fab time from the GoTo Girls here in London!!

    We’re always looking to grow peoples Businesses & effortlessly connect them with more customers using Social Media … We like to use 2 strategies in particular, Webinars and Joint Ventures.

    We really hope we can JV with you soon 🙂

    1. Hi GoToGirls,

      I just wanted to let you know that the Audio on your landing page video does not seem to be working!

      I don’t want you to miss out on any potential prospects for your awesome-looking biz!


      John McLean
      Austin, TX

  37. Hey Ryan,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your followers!

    I am a personal trainer and nutritionist making the transition into the online world. You have been a tremendous asset and I appreciate all that you have done for us!

    If you have young athletes who need help with nutrition check out my site targeting basketball players looking for more inches on their vertical!

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  38. I run a travel site, Two Weeks to Travel, for those corporate weekend warriors who love to travel but don’t have much time. Check out the site for tips, tricks, gear advice, destination reviews, favorite places, products and more!

  39. Hey Ryan – thanks so much for this opportunity!

    I help coaches and other content experts who have
    a platform, but not enough sales to redefine their
    position in the market, create a signature program
    and then market and sell it to their target audience.

    I’ve created a free 6-part video training series on
    How to Double Your Coaching Income. The 5 points of profit leverage that exist
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    –> Simple examples of how to make small,
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    –> A simple mathematical formula that will
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    Thanks again Ryan!

    Paul Keetch

  40. Wow thanks Ryan!
    I am owner and author of a few fitness bootcamp products geared to fitness pros My best known product is Sure Victory Fitness Bootcamp kit found at
    And has been a top selling clickbank product since 2005
    Very grateful to you again Ryan as we go way way back!

  41. My wife and I will be riding in the Solvang Century next March as part of Team in Training in their effort to raise funds to help find cures and more effective treatment for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma. We’ll be riding many miles before then to prepare us to ride 104 miles on the day of the event. This will be the farthest we’ve ever ridden and will take a lot of work, but it’s nowhere near the amount of work and courage it takes for those suffering from blood cancers to fight for their lives. My wife told me that on our ride last weekend, our Mission Captain (and blood cancer survivor), Sheryl told her how happy she was to be alive. Think about that. And think about the things most of us take for granted.

    On this Thanksgiving holiday, I’m thankful for my good health, the health of my family and thankful that I’ve been able to meet (and ride) with some of the most amazing people on earth. Won’t you please visit our fundraising page and donate whatever you can (even a dollar helps!) to support LLS’s effort to find cures for blood cancers and to improve the quality of life for patients and their families. Go Team!

  42. Ryan,

    Thanks for the opportunity.
    Currently I am in the process of putting the finishing touches on a website in the field of massage therapy for the public, students and massage therapists.

    Once I open it up to “google” I will be looking for guest bloggers on subjects related to this field.

    I am more than happy to promote others.

    Here is the site:

    Please feel free to contact me if you would like to do a blog post

    Again Ryan thank you for this opportunity and your unselfish nature.


  43. John Schuster is a professional web designer, developer and search engine optimization specialists working in and around Chicago Illinois. Call 312-380-5745 for a Free Estimate Today.

  44. Thanks Ryan, loved the SAM event and looking forward to it again this year. We run the largest entrepreneur networking group in Utah, the fastest growing business meetup in the United States.

    Any Utah based entrepreneurs should come check out this free group.

    If anyone wants to validate their business idea for free, also check out – there is no upsell, this is a free resource.

    Dr. Richard Swart

  45. Thanks Ryan,
    As you know I have a cause based social networking model that allows people to join and earn money without any investment. I have yet to find a way to spread it through the normal affiliate programs. But I know it will be huge once you or one of your people give it a serious look!

    Yes you Ryan have the Power to Change the world.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all

    Here is my site:

  46. Thanks for this opportunity Ryan.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
    I have just launched a membership site called My Corporate Climb.
    It is desiged to help people create a successful career inside a large corporation.
    I am looking for affiliates to help me promote it.
    I am paying a 100% commission on the $49.95 sign up fee.
    Thanks again,
    Bud Bilanich
    The Common Sense Guy

  47. Hi All & Thanks Ryan (Happy Thanksgiving too!) ~

    My name is Alicia Forest and I mentor women entrepreneurs to turn their businesses into 6-figure mini-empires in 15 hours a week.

    I’d love to invite your readers to check out my bestselling 21 Easy & Essential Steps to Online Success System. This comprehensive tutorial walks small business owners and entrepreneurs through the process of building a successful and sustainable business online that’s guaranteed to bring them to a 6-figure income in half the time they could on their own.

    You can find out more about it here –>

    ~ A

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