The Host Model

I talk a lot about positioning yourself as the “expert” in a niche market. Everything from your blog, products and platform – it’s about building your personal brand.

BUT – fear not, my budding entrepreneur. You do NOT have to make it all about you.

Meet.. THE HOST.



Do you know Oprah is a billionaire?

And Ryan Seacrest is quickly building an $300 million dollar empire?

And both of them are not positioned as topic experts – they are hosts. The best part is all you need is a passion for the topic and the ability to communicate. That’s it.

I coined the term “The Host Model”, because it’s exactly what you do. You HOST other experts.

You provide the platform and they provide the content.

The benefit is you don’t have to come up with the material (free content) and if they mention your blog/site to their list, you can some nice free traffic too (not a bad bonus!).

I’ve built entire sites and programs by being the “host”. In fact, one of my first sites was just me interviewing other successful personal trainers. That’s it.



Interviews are the cornerstone of the host model. Here are some simple ways to conduct interviews and become a host

  • Audio only (telephone or skype)
  • Video online (skype and videocam)
  • Video in person
  • Video online (record powerpoints)
  • Live webinars
  • Recorded webinars
  • Live events
  • Written interview questions

Again, I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a passion about your topic.

Enjoy it. Embrace it. Host it.


P.S. This guy has made over $6 million just interviewing people. See how he did it here.

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  1. I’ve never had a problem creating my own products, but I have been considering hosting events with others in my market. I am so glad I am a member of this program. My business is growing tremendously since going though your 1k per day and your ryan lee method.

    Now I am continually adding and making more and more everyday.

    1. Author

      Hey Nick,

      It’s awesome to hear 1K has helped your business.

      Add continuity and keep kicking ass!


  2. The host is a great place to be, Ryan. We enjoy that work when we interview people or represent clients’ products in their videos.

    But for MOST people, I think the Expert Chair is the FIRST one they want to sit in.

    Ryan Seacrest has gotten there from American Idol and his radio show (Ryan on the Olympics? Really?). And Oprah got it from her talk show (where she literally was the host!).

    But most people should start out to be an expert and then move into the hosting position, if/when possible. Get people to recognize your for ONE thing first, and then expand. If you attempt to be known for everything first, you’ll probably be known for nothing.

    Hope you have a great weekend, Ryan!

    Charlie Seymour Jr

    1. Author


      By being a host first, you can quickly transition to the “expert” if you desire. Just like David Garland has done with “rise to the top”.

      But you are right, it works both ways.


      1. Exactly, Ryan. I agree. It is a two-way street of course, but nothing builds credibility and hones your expertise faster (in my opinion) than hosting.

        You can start as a host and move to a host/expert model.

  3. this is a killer method, nice thing is that you only have to focus on reaching out to great people and developing great content. They can bring you their audience! – I’m diving into the video now on founder fly

  4. This is an approach which really appeals to me, Ryan – thanks for proposing it.

    Although I get what Charlie is saying, above, about becoming an expert first, I think you just need to know enough to recognise a true expert, and to be able to ask them questions from a point of view of some knowledge rather than no knowledge.

    I don’t suppose Oprah has a lot of knowledge about the expertise of some of the people she interviews, but I’m sure her research team fill her in on some of the details.

    I think it might be time for me to consider this more seriously, so thanks for the reminder.

    1. Author

      Hi Julia,

      Again, I don’t believe you have to become the expert first. It definitely wasn’t the case when I got started. And the same for many of my students.

      Rock ‘on

  5. I love the host model. And when you are an expert to some degree in the field you can ask much more penetrating questions. This gives your listeners much more value.

    1. Author

      Yes James.

      The more passionate (and knowledgeable) in an area, the better the conversations.


  6. This post came at the right moment. I am quite comfortable with the host model idea. And i will start implementing it. Thanks Ryan for another wonderful post!

  7. Great idea, working together in IM is a great way to not only forge trust in potential marketing partners but also a good way to learn more about your niche. One of the things I learned about developing good products was by studying how other marketers prepare and build products.

    I noticed one thing that seemed to “stick out like a sore thumb” a lot of the products sold today are very superficial, a lot of the information is of use but too often it tends to leave out important details that only a true expert would know.

    I started to ask myself the most important question in developing products, how can I develop a solid product that is both useful and popular, the answer was unless I put the time into learning everything I can about the niche I could not produce a product that meets those specifications.

    There is no substitution for knowledge

  8. Ryan – As you know, this is my model blended with the expert model (meaning I’m a host of course, and also teach tons of hosts).

    There are so many great opportunities in this model, and let’s not forgot online events as one of the great strategies 😉

    Also, I think something vital about the benefits of hosting are the opportunity to:
    -Build connections with everyone in your niche
    -Build good will and some love by promoting others
    -Becoming a trusted resource on a topic….by association

    One thing I’ve noticed is MASSIVE success blending the host/expert model. Meaning, often times folks start as host as a way to earn that expertise if you will and then can move into a bit of a blended model.

  9. Great post Ryan. I love the host model concept and curation (just discovered recently) concept. Both are great marketing tactics.



  10. Hey Ryan,

    I think too many people are trying to be the big cheese and are too scared to showcase other people for fear of them not getting the lime light or the business.

    It is important to remember that as a ‘host’ you get more exposure and knowledge on your passion topic and best of all you network with the right people!

    Anyway its late, I will continue to build my host in the morning. Take care!

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