The Magic Bullet Virus (by Dean Hunt)

This is a guest post by Dean Hunt

A virus is spreading through the business world, a virus that could be fatal to businesses if it continues.

I call it the “magic bullet virus”.

“What’s the magic bullet virus Dean you little tease you?”

Great question handsome reader.

Allow me to explain with a recent story…

A few weeks ago I got a call from a client of my creative agency, he was so excited that he brought his business partner onto the call too… he told me that the video I made for their homepage was converting at 450% more than their previous one.

I nearly fell off my chair.

*I will post the video at the bottom of this post*

Word got around, fueled largely from a Facebook post I made sharing the great news, and many business owners demanded to see the video. I was bombarded with private messages, emails and requests to see this magical video.

Here is the problem though, every single person that I spoke to who saw the video was looking for the “magic bullet”… the single “trick”, “tactic”, “headline”, “pop-up” or “gimmick” that got such strong results.

They were disappointed when I told them that there was no magic bullet, in fact, the only trick we used was to create something of such high quality that it stood out a mile amongst the competition.

Once I revealed the truth and explained that it was quality, not a magic gimmick that brought in 450% more sales, not one person followed-up further, asked about our rates, or attempted to do the same.

No magic bullet, no push button solution, no gimmick meant that no action would be taken.

This is a trend I have seen over and over again in the industry, and as long as people are peddling “push button riches”, it is only going to get worse.

Don’t get me wrong, looking for easier and more efficient ways to do something is not a bad thing, heck, Tim Ferriss is a genius at such feats.. but in a world of gimmicks, push buttons and 1-click solutions, things are going full circle, and now the biggest trick of them all is to out-quality your competition… do something so awesome that your competition won’t even try to compete.

What’s more, it makes you incredibly difficult to copy.

This won’t be a popular message for most people to hear, cheap, sexy, magic bullets and push buttons are what sell… but I don’t care about that, and nor does Ryan… we are all about doing what is best for your audience and for your business, and sometimes you have to kill them with quality (I should put that on a t-shirt).

So enough teasing, here is the 450% video, with some details below it.

Note: Aiming for quality doesn’t mean you have to take the longest and most difficult path… in this video we actually used a template as the original background/setting… which saved us approx 30 hours of my team’s time. We then added in custom graphics and animations, some additional sound effects, and hired a world class voiceover artist, I helped script the video to more of a story, and we wanted a dark and emotional video that emphasized the “uphill struggle” that fathers have in these situations.

So here is to quality, the biggest and best “gimmick” of them all.

Dean Hunt

PS: If you would be interested in me and my team creating a video for your business, here are a few types of videos we can do for you, simply email me at my personal address of and we can chat further.

#1 – A sales/explainer video – this is what you saw above, these are great for showcasing your best product or service… the key is to explain it in an interesting, clear and engaging manner.

#2 – A branding video – this is where we work with you to find your story, we create a hook based on the formula from copywriting legend Kevin Rogers (he will work with you personally on this too), and then once we have your story super engaging and tight, we animate it into a 30-60 second video for you to put on your about page, social media accounts etc… these bad boys can refer clients for years to come, and they make your audience connect with you on a much deeper level.

#3 – Other – hey, we are up for any creative challenge, if you have an idea, let’s talk.


Rock on,


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