Where Do YOU Work?

I live in a very wealthy town and most of our friends are in the world of finance, banking and hedge funds. They bring home BIG bonus checks that would make most “gurus” faint. I’m talking millions and millions of dollars.

And none of them can figure out what the hell I actually do for a living 🙂

But what really confuses them is when they find out I work from a different coffee shop every morning.

That’s right, one morning is Starbucks in Stamford, the next it’s Cosi, on Wednesday it might be the Starbucks in Barnes and Noble or back to Stamford.

For me, the change of environment and buzz of the background noise keeps me from losing my mind.

Since I haven’t had a “job” in over 11 years, I’d lose my mind just sitting in a quiet office by myself all day.


The biggest question I’m asked is “what about all the phone calls?”.

And my answer is simple.. I schedule all my phone calls, coaching sessions, interviews and webinars in the afternoon. It’s on MY schedule and if you want to speak to me, it is going to have to be in the afternoon. And that is either in my “real” office or my home office.

I’m telling you, I get more done from 9am to Noon than most people do in 8 hours. For me, it just works. And I LOVE waking up and heading to a different “office” for the morning.

It seems like my routine is catching on.

Lots of my clients are now telling me since they have been following my system – they have been working from outside the house – and how much more they are getting done.

Even people who have full-time jobs are squeezing more into their day – and having a blast doing it.

So, let’s have some fun and find out where YOU do your “marketing” work? Where are you most productive?



    1. Author

      gotta escape those kids 🙂

      z – got your email.. i’m answering all of them this afternoon.

      talk to you soon


  1. Starbucks and Barnes and Noble are like magic!!! No distractions except for the occasionally over-caffeinated person but that’s what head phones are for! Great advice on being productive Ryan! GENIUS!!! I am getting way more done in a lot less time!

    1. Author

      That’s good to hear Billy!

      I usually have my headphones on too – especially when you get some chatty people sitting next to you 🙂


    2. Hey Ryan, I just joined your program and I work at home.. My office is great… I
      Call it my man cave .. Just a simple desk.. 2 screens to multitaksk and I
      Can sit there all day with no worries.. However, I am still not making
      Any money as an affiliate ..

      So, I hope this program is really good for me! Been following you off and
      On over the years! You have come a long way.. Since fitness generator.

      Hope we can chat soon and I make a few bucks..

  2. My office is primarily home, although I do go to the library on occassion. I like your suggestion, maybe I’ll create a couple of more places to work in the mornings for a change of scenery like you do.


    1. Author

      I do like the library sometimes.. especially if I need really focused, quiet work.

      Thanks for contributing Michelle!


  3. Ryan,

    Lately I’m the opposite when it comes to productivity… I gotta be in my home office to get anything done. Once I’m in there I’m really good at avoiding all the at home distractions like tv, video games, etc.

    But I could probably pull this off as long as I have my Bose headphones to get rid of all the background “buzz”.


    1. Author

      Hey Brian,

      Maybe it’s because my kids wear me out – but all I want to do when I get to my office is take a nap 🙂


  4. Ryan,

    I’ve done both – had an office, have had a home office, now a combo of both.

    Regardless of where you are, do you struggle at all with working by yourself for most of the day?

    I’ve worked home, out, doesn’t matter – the setup is that I’m on my own nearly all the time which is tough for me. One hand, like the independence and freedom, on the other miss the co-workers and that environment. Although I ‘d never trade this for someone ‘owning’ my day again, nor the commute.

    1. Author

      Hey Paul,

      I don’t find it a struggle to work by myself.

      We have a local mastermind group that meets every 6 weeks, I have some friends I’ll grab lunch with. I also know all of our local store owners and restaurant staff by now, so I always run into friendly faces.

      I also find that being out of the house – with people around, eliminates the isolation of working by myself.


    2. Paul,

      I’m in the same boat as you now. I used to work in an office, and now I’m on my own (I do work with a partner but we only get together 1 or 2 times a month). I have a lot of online interaction with people but very little person to person throughout the day, and it’s definitely challenging. Do you have any tips?

      I also agree that while I miss the co-workers and environment I’m NOT interested in having to work for someone else again, and I don’t miss sitting in traffic!


    3. Totally agree with you Paul, I like being able to converse with others on ideas and concepts as a team, I miss that a lot. Multiple minds are definetly more creative and productive than a single mind working alone.

      Brent Attaway

  5. Hey Ryan, I keep seeing this topic come up in your posts and Im wanting to try out the coffee shop office. I currently work from home and my kids drive me nuts (love them like crazy!) a lot of the time and I just don’t seem as productive as I could be. There’s just too many distractions.

    What do you suggest I do for the coffee shop schedule when I first start out? A few hours in the morning, then come home? Also, what are you working on at the coffee shop? Most important projects? Creating content? Contacting partners?

    If I’m going to try this out, I want to do this right 🙂

    Brent Attaway (inner circle member)

    1. Author

      Hey Brent,

      It really depends on what is your most productive time.

      I’m a morning person. So I get up early and go to the coffee shop in the morning. Work there for a few hours until lunch.

      And from there, it depends on what I have planned.

      If I have IC calls, Method calls, interviews or conference calls, I’ll go to my office.

      If I kept my entire afternoon clear (which I like to do at least once a week), I will go to another coffee shop, book store, etc.. or just see a movie 🙂

      During the morning, I work on profit-producing activities.. Blogs, sales copy, email marketing, jv emails, etc.

      Since you are in the IC, check out the bonus videos. My one called “Make More by Working Less” goes through everything in detail.


  6. Hi Ryan,

    Interesting you should post this today, I was thinking about just this thing over the weekend.

    I feel like I do most of my best WORKING in a quiet environment, but I do my best THINKING or brainstorming out and about. I live in Washington, DC, so I like to go downtown and walk around a museum, or just go somewhere where there’s a lot of activity and energy.

    Also, I think the question for me is not WHERE I work but WHEN. Our business is focused on Stock Market education, so most of our activity is during the day, when the markets are open. But even as I get older, I still find that my best marketing work is when I sit down around 10 or 11 PM and just get into a zone for 3-4 hours. I admire your ability to do focused work in the morning, that just doesn’t seem to work for me!

    Thanks for all your thoughts and ideas…have a great 2012!

    Invested Central

    1. Author

      Hey Chris,

      You are right, WHEN is a big question to answer too.

      For me, my best times are in the AM and then I get a creative burst later at night (usually when the kids and wife are sleeping!)

      Thanks for contributing!


  7. I really like to get away so I don’t get bugged by phone calls . I have recently gone to the public library here as they have re-done the whole place. It has a few private rooms that are great to get things done. I also have gone to the tollway oasis for a change of view.
    By the way for a bootstrappers home office I would look at some of the used office equipment stores or look at a few business auctions. At the business auctions you can get some great bargins. Also if you look at some of the recent bank auctions from the FDIC you can check out what some of the stuff goes for. They have had some all over the country. One cool book for home offices to look at was Shed Working. They also have a blog in England and it looks like a very popular way to work over there.
    Hope this is not too much information.

    1. Author

      Thanks for contributing Paul.

      I also agree about bootstrapping and keeping your overhead as low as possible.

      And I will check out that book you mentioned!


  8. Interesting advice – I was wondering how you worked at a coffee shop all day and avoided groupies coming and finding you.

    I do get out of the home sometimes but probably not often enough. I meet with people regularly, so I do not find I feel isolated as much as some people probably do.

    1. Author

      Hey Ron,

      I switch up the places I go to all the time – so people don’t know where I am 🙂

      And when people do recognize me, they are usually very respectful and don’t ask the dreaded “can I pick your brain”.


  9. Hey Ryan,

    Great share! I love it… I’m really blessed in that I live in Brazil (though American and running a US business). I have a home office and work out of it most of the time, but lately I’ve been following your suggestions as well.

    I’m about 40 minutes away from the beach, a little too far to go every day, but close enough for a weekly getaway. So lately I’ve been either going by myself for half a day or so or taking one of my managers with me and spending a full day on projects, brainstorming, etc without the distractions.

    It has been extremely productive and yes, relaxing as well!


    1. Author

      Hey Troy,

      Brazil sounds incredible.

      Thanks for sharing and enjoy the beach 🙂



    1. Author

      Thanks Chris.

      We have a few colleges around here – I should give that a try!


  10. Here are all the places I have worked:

    Out of my house in the attic (this was the first office and it was awesome and quiet and COLD)
    Got a big office: http://www.robbooker.com/blog/piptopia_office5.jpg
    I had that for 5 years and it was more trouble than it was worth even though it was great to blast music in there

    Then I traveled the world and worked out of airports and hotel lobbys. One of my favorite things to do is go to a hotel lobby (a nice one, even if I am not staying there) and hold client meetings and stuff. This is such a great way to work.

    Now I work at the dining room table.

    THanks for the post!

    1. Author

      Hey Rob,

      Wow – that is a sweet pic! A pretty impressive office, indeed.

      Hotel lobbies are a good one too.

      Thanks for sharing.


  11. Brent, Chris

    To add what to what I initially said about the isolation thing…

    I’ve often contemplated a partner. But don’t want to do it for the wrong reasons – to have company. But that or an employee or two would help from hearing the crickets all day.

    1. Author

      Hey Paul,

      Do NOT bring on a partner to help get rid of isolation. That’s a really bad idea.

      Join mastermind groups. Work in public. Look for a co-working environment. But don’t hire or get a partner to help get rid of boredom.


  12. I go to a cafe that over looks the Atlantic ocean, about 5 minutes from my house in southern portugal. Its an awesome place for inspiration and get most of my writing done there… the coffee and the view certainly helps.

    It doesn’t have internet access there, so that stops me from camping out there all day. But i do sometimes take my own 3G MiFi unit with me so I can be online. NOT being online at times is a blessing, as it stops me from doing unproductive stuff like checking emails or facebook and all that rubbish time waste.


    1. Author

      Hey Tim,

      You bring up a good point.

      Sometimes it’s nice to work from a place with no Internet. That’s when I get writing done (like for a book). There’s zero chance to be tempted to check email!


      1. Yeah, I definitely agree with that. I purposely plan time that has no Internet connection as well. Sometimes all I take is a notebook (the old school non-electronic kind) and pen!

        BTW Ryan, loved the black and white notebooks you gave out in Vegas… Still have mine!


        1. Author

          Hey Troy,

          I always have my notebook with me too 🙂

          Just a few bucks.. but it really works.


      2. Just saw this. 🙂

        I’m not at all trying to promote my stuff here Ryan, because I freakin’ LOVE you.

        But I have a programmer working on something I’d love to GIVE you (because it helps with the email temptation)…. basically, if you use Firefox, it “blocks” gmail from being sent to your computer (it’ll only open at the specified times).

        You can have gmail open to search for emails, but it won’t let any new ones come in.

        It’s been the highlight of my life lately. 🙂 (And I love it for book-writing too!)

        1. Author

          Hey Rachel,

          Sure – when it’s ready send it on over so I can take a look 🙂


  13. Ryan,

    I have had about as many offices as coffee shops you visit 😉 I have a severe issue with being distracted. I tried a lavish office (still have it for business deals) and I would spin in a swivel chair for a few hours or walk around and bother my employees.
    my living room office was no match for the 360. I had an office over looking a GORGEOUS lake and pristine natural backdrop and I’d either stare at it all day or go hang near the lake.
    I tried an office in my bedroom and it worked amazingly – aside from the fact I think all day so I would start typing again at 3it AM when my girlfriend was trying to sleep. I went to work one morning to a note stating if I got on it at night again, I and the computer could share the couch.
    what ended up and I use regularly when I need to shut the world off is my basement. Dark, dreary, musty, scary really (I am the only one I know who can spend time down there without having a panic attack) but it works for me. Gray cement walls, my office portion is unfinished and has nothing aside from a CPU, fax/scanner, cement walls, and a baseball bat next to my gun locker. Nothing to do but work.
    to extend your article slightly, your office needs to be another employee and work for you and not vice versa.

    1. Author

      It’s funny how sometimes it’s the most simple environments that work. Everyone is different.

      I used to also work from a really dark, unfinished basement (and recorded many of my first products from there too!).

      Thanks for sharing!


  14. I’m a fan of my home office just because I have everything setup and ready (multiple monitors, microphones etc.).

    However, after having baby Marla, I’m realizing the need for maybe escaping the home office once in a while just to have some peace and quiet 🙂

    1. Author

      Hey Stu,

      I got that all setup at my real office – so that’s where I do all my interviews.

      When I just had one kid – I used to only work from home.

      Now with 4… well, let’s just say I’m usually running out the door in the morning 🙂


  15. I run 90% of my product launches, from the weeks of prep to the final day of the on sale, from a restaurant or sports bar.

    A lot of times it’s 9PM – 2AM at Brick House Tavern and Tap that are my most productive nights.

    If I tried to do it from home or an isolated office I’d be broke.

    Nice post, Ryan!


    1. Author

      Hey Joel,

      That’s great you run it from the local bar.

      I can see you cranking away all night on your launches – and it’s DEFINITELY working for you 🙂


  16. How coincidental is this. I was just in my favorite workspot thinking to myself, “In the RLM, Ryan really stresses the point of finding that Place. Would it be odd if I told people where my Place really was? People would think I was crazy”.

    And here it is. You saved me from breaking the ice. Your post today… “Where do YOU work”.

    My favorite place may come odd to most people but it is actually in my car. Yes. I do have to be near a WiFi. I think the habit came from years of being a commuter at college. I needed a quiet place that I could just be alone and focus and cram for tests, too. I like making my calls there as well because I don’t have to feel like anyone is listening. People might stare but I don’t care. Its my place. I can change the scenery whenever I want.

    I can get work done at home, too but I am more likely to go eat or sleep. When I really need to focus and be productive, its my truck.

    1. Author

      Hey Sonia,

      It’s funny how things work, isn’t it?

      I love making calls in my car – especially while I’m driving. It is quiet and there’s zero temptation to check my email too!

      Thanks for sharing…


  17. My favorite place is Starbucks. Its just a 5 minute drive from my home. The energy helps me get in the mood to create and write.

  18. I work from home.

    Usually 7am-11am is my main work time, but we homeschool our kids, so usually there are two 20-30 minute breaks during that time for me to help Mom.

    We have lunch together as a family. Then, since I train as a pro triathlete, when the kids go down for an afternoon nap, I head out to get in a 1.5-2 hour workout.

    Most of my calls, interviews and client interaction take place in the afternoon and early evening, after my workout – when I’m really “dialed in”.

    We have dinner together as a family. Then some kind of activity, like “Fight Night”, a movie, tennis, etc. I also have tennis league late at night 3x/week.

    To keep my legs strong and my metabolism up, I have a “standing workstation”, which is one of the main reasons I don’t work too much at coffeeshops. I’m building a new house right now, and my office actually has a treadmill work station built in, and an endless pool next to the office. That should be cool.

    So, anyways, I mostly use the freedom of working at home to allow myself to hang out with my family at the drop of a hat.


    1. Author

      Hey Ben,

      I’ve seen the standing workstations – just haven’t tried it yet.

      At night, to relax, I like to listen to some marketing on my ipod while walking on the treadmill at the highest incline…

      Congrats on the new house – share some pics with us when it’s ready!


  19. I work well in Coffee Shops and also on long distance trains funnily enough. If I could just catch the train all morning I’m sure I could get tons more done but I’m pretty sure it would cost more than an office!

    1. Author

      It funny you mention the train Daniel.

      We are a 60 minute train ride into NYC – and when I do take the train in, I get a ton done too!

      Thanks for sharing…


  20. Last summer, while my children were out of school, I started taking them to McDonalds and letting them play in the playground, while I sat in a corner inside, working from my laptop. I actually get more done there than at home, because the kids are occupied and not bothering me, and I can still keep an eye on them.

    During the school year, I have found it more productive to work from various locations that offer free wi-fi, even though there isn’t anyone else home during the day, because I don’t have to be distracted by laundry and other chores. I think for women, working from home can have its distractions, and it’s important to get away in order to really focus.

    It IS great to change the “office” feel periodically. I do get recognized a lot (I’ve been a top-producing real estate agent in my area for many years), but those distractions are OK, because it’s great to connect with people that I probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

    1. Author

      Hey Michelle,

      I know what you are talking about with regards to getting out of the house and changing up locations.

      Thanks for sharing with the group!


  21. I was working from my bed/desk in our bedroom for years. This year 2 sons moved out and I have my own home office. I’m busy setting up my desk and book shelves and getting it all organized.

    I like the coffee shop idea but it’s real nice and quiet here at home and I can run downstairs and do a load of laundry, be here for a repair man or work on dinner and still get my work done.

    My clients are from all over the US and not many local face to face meetings so I work the phone and email mostly.

    I love working from home.

    Happy New YOU 2012


    1. Author

      Hey Natalie,

      That’s great for you – sounds like it’s perfect for your lifestyle.

      Some people love working from home. I like to sometimes, just with my little ones, it’s not possible to work full-time there 🙂


  22. Ryan – following your example, I’ve been working at various Starbucks every morning for the last 4 weeks.

    I make marketing my own business (blogging, emailing subscribers, writing product content, etc) my focus during those crucial first 2 hours of work.

    Then I do a couple hours of billable client work before the 11am “move your car or we’ll give you a ticket” deadline, head home for some lunch before either doing more client work, handling calls, email, etc.

    When people want to book me before 11am, I tell them, “Sorry, my mornings are reserved for writing” and other than people wanting to know what I’m working on, they never ask me to break that commitment

    (I have mostly all creatives for clients, so they get it.)

    Thanks for setting a great example and for sharing your routines with us!


    1. Author

      Hey Paul,

      That’s awesome you’ve been following my advice – and it sounds like it’s working well for you.

      It really does work when you get in the routine and are strict about protecting your time.

      Keep up the great work!


  23. I work form home in The Mine – it’s my office, studio, library and gym.

    It’s terrific, and I’m home when the bus drops them off after school and from 3:40 until 8:30 it’s family time and I don’t go in The Mine at all.

  24. Hey Ryan,
    I work from home a lot and I also have a office. Both are quiet because I have no kids. However I like to throw on Pandora from time to time because the silence would drive me nuts. For bigger projects I tend to rent out big conference rooms because when I drop a lot of money per day it makes me focus a lot better and projects that would normally take me 3-4 weeks only take me 3-4 days.

    Thanks for the cool suggestions, now only If I drank coffee.

  25. I work in a dark gritty basement where all I can see in front of me is the illumination of 3 monitors. When you hear people say “there’s a hacker out there in garage somewhere creating the next Apple Computer” they’re talking about me. Cool post. Thanks.

  26. hehe… I’m the same way. Sometimes it’s the Starbucks on Cheyenne, sometimes on Charleston, sometimes it’s Sambalatte… I’m always switching it up, and always getting there early to get the corner seats with the outlets. 😉

    I’ve also met some AWESOME people that way!

    The other day I met a dude who used to do venture capitalism… has made millions and is now giving it all away and moving to the Philippines. He’s over the whole chase money thing. But I’m creating a new company, and he said he’ll help me every step of the way for free, since money isn’t motivating him, but he believes in the company.

    I read this pamphlet about luck once, and it asserted there are 4 factors in being lucky. One of them is to talk to other people, which is being extroverted (obviously you have to tell people what you want for opportunity to be delivered to you)…. which is another reason why I love coffee shops more than working at home. 🙂

  27. I’ve been working pretty much exclusively from home. Maybe I should experiment with the local library. The book stores are too far away and I don’t drink coffee and don’t believe in mooching off a business if I’m not a customer.

  28. Ryan,
    Environment is key to productivity, only second to time management.
    You are wise beyond your years. (I met you at the San Diego Internet party and you look 20, but perhaps I can add 10+ to that based on simple deduction of your life story).
    It’s interesting what works for one man’s producitivity will kill another mans’! How do you refrain from all the eye candy at an upscale Starbucks?? 🙂

    In 2000 I picked up and left my office and staff of 15 in Chicago to work from the Beach in a Home office overlooking the Ocean and the Dolphins in North Carolina. Home officing worked for me until my daugther was born in 2007. We were still on the Beach, but only this time in San Diego CA overlooking the Pacific. With her arrival, I went back out to rent office space (no long term leases, 6 mos. at a time in case I need a change of scenery).

    I enjoy working from a scenic view office in Southern California. The peace and quiet allow me to be most productive. Now that my daughter is going to school during the day, I am considering using my Home office again some days.

    At the end of the day, for me, It’ time managment that determines my productivity more than my environment, but both have to be in alignment. Bottom line, having an office to go to is a gem for me, and I can always work from a coffee shop when I have time for eye candy!

    Thanks for another thought provoking post.

  29. I live in Thailand and produce and sell massage video training courses. My home office is my video studio as well as my computer setup. Since I constantly record, edit and produce video training sessions, I have 4 screens that I am working with, no way to leave the office with this equipment.

    But I am looking forward to the time when all the video production is finished (took me 1 1/2 years so far), and I can hang out with a laptop near the ocean or some other pretty place. It does sound very appealing!

  30. Home office can be tricky sometimes….i will catch myself checking
    emails and twitter every 10 minutes at home. Not productive!

    Being out of the house brings a different “focus” to getting
    things done.

  31. I’d love to try a coffee shop …. maybe on the weekends I could give it a go. But during the week our schedule is simply too hectic.

    For me, I crank out my work from either 5-7am (before the kids get up) or from 9-11pm (after they go to bed). Requires discipline, but it works for me.


  32. Ryan,

    My normal office is the same as yours – Starbucks. I love my Starbucks iPhone app, and I view my daily latte as my “rent.”

    Since November, my “office” has been my motorhome; my wife, two pugs and I left the frozen wastes of Spokane for the sunny skies of California. With my MacBook Pro and WiFi card, I can run my business from anywhere.

    I schedule my phone calls in “blocks” just like you do — and it works great! Thanks for all you do, my friend.


  33. Hey Ryan,

    I have too many distractions here at home with the kids, dogs, etc. so I head out to Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, and Panera in the afternoon to get work done. It’s not complete quiet but just enough background noise to make a good working environment. Then when the kids are in bed I chill out in my living room with the laptop till about 2am. I still find that even though I am actually out for less time at a coffee shop than working at home late at night that I actually get more work done while I’m out. Maybe it’s the act of actually going somewhere and knowing what I’m there to do gets me to focus more? I don’t know why, but it works.


  34. This really has good timing with me.

    For the last 6 years I have worked from home and I’m starting to feel the need to be around others.

    I think it is to easy to get caught up in the home office and work, work, work 🙂

    I’m going to test working at the coffee shop and cafe at the gym a few days per week.

    Thanks Ryan!


  35. I love working from home in the morning. Especially in the winter. I live in FL so come winter, I open all the sliders, play some nice ambient, downtempo music throughout the house (try Tycho, Washed Out, Emancipator… great background music) and generally work outside on the lanai. After lunch, I typically get restless for a change so I head out to a Starbucks or Panera Bread, grab a little bite. Some afternoons I’ll head over to a cigar bar, have a beer and a cigar. Working on a laptop… there’s not much better. I’d say the only hassle is the cell phone. I do need to be on the phone and the cell is just not as clear as it regular land lines. But I’ll deal with it. The funny thing is, i have a 3,000 sq. ft office about 15 minutes from my house but I spend so little time there.

  36. Ryan – your s!%T is dope. Straight up. Loving the RLM course, but still finishing up my free eBook to get more subscribers…all…most….there. Then I’m onto create my drip-content online course. Lots of work to do, but now I feel I can do it!

  37. i agree with changing the environment often, I personally like the fresh air, so either the park or outside starbucks or Barnes of noble works for me
    I find that when I stay at home for too long, I tend to get distracted easily, but can focus more when there is people on the background 🙂

  38. Ryan,

    My business has sky rocketed since I started researching and working out of a large Waterstone’s, a university book store here in London. As you have mentioned I love the smell, atmosphere and buzz of all the students getting down to business.

  39. Thank You Ryan!

    I have heard you say it so many times, and I just reminded myself this morning to go to the coffee shop after work…I get so much more done there.

    I will be there this afternoon for 3 hours!

    Thank you again,


  40. I gave a presentation in New Haven last night at a very cool “co-working” space called Gaggle Office (http://gaggleoffice.com/). It takes the working at the coffee shop concept a bit further by encouraging members to reach out to each other a build a community of co-workers. I wish there was one here in New Canaan!

  41. I’m one of those full-time employees building my own business in the time left. My outside office is the bus I take to work. My commute is 40 minutes each way and I use that time to write stories, articles, ideas, etc. in a small spiral notebook I always carry with me. It amazes me how much I get done – and I’ve only missed my stop once!

  42. Great post Ryan. I really like your ideas on scheduling your phone calls to the afternoon so you won’t be distracted during some of your most productive times.

    My office is at my day job. Since I have not taken the leap to my own business completely, I get to work an hour and a half early so I can do “my” stuff. I try to keep that time creative, writing content, designing products, etc and wait until I have a break in the day to do social media.

    I like Starbucks as a place to work but I prefer somewhere like Panera Bread. I am not much of a coffee drinker but I do like ice tea. Working at Panera Bread allows me to have all the cold drinks I want, have more space than a Starbucks, and a salad for lunch when I am ready. My favorite office away from home.

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