CD-of-the-month? Oh yeah, we’re going there!

I recently posted about 17 different continuity income streams because most marketers think the only way to create recurring revenue is with a big, bulky “membership site” (complete with a private Facebook group).

Membership sites (when done the right way) are great. However, there’s SO MUCH opportunity both online AND offline.

“Offline, Ryan? Are you serious?”.

Oh, I don’t kid about continuity!

This was one my earlier physical continuity programs.

It was “cd-of-the-month” for personal trainers from almost 20 years ago.

My original cd-of-the-month program (cheesy money pic included!)

I launched this right after my first daughter, Jordyn, was born – and she’s now a Sophomore at Syracuse! (where is the time going??).

At the peak, it had thousands of subscribers paying $20/month.

Does PHYSICAL Still Work? CD-of-the-Month?

Can this physical continuity income business model work today? Yes, but with a few slight tweaks to the deliverable.

(BTW, Netflix still has 1.5 MILLION people in their DVD subscription. Seriously).

One of my best friends has a continuity program generating over $400K a year – and he delivers something PHYSICAL every month.

Perhaps you can offer a print newsletter? A USB drive? A micro magazine? A subscription box?

These can serve as stand-alone continuity OR a super-desireable “ride along” to increase the value (and retention).

There’s lots to explore here and over the next few weeks, I’ll keep digging deeper into my endless vault of 24+ years of continuity income to deliver more awesomeness for ya.

Stay tuned. More continuity models, tips and advice is coming your way.