As I did a complete re-boot of, I’ve been going through about 300+ hours of trainings in my vault about the topic of “continuity income”.

Here’s a taste of the types of continuity models I’ve built for myself (and coached thousands of clients) in multiple markets over the past 24 years…

• Membership sites
• Email-only continuity
• 1-Hour continuity
• Print newsletters
• Digital newsletters
• “Netflix” style, all-you-can-eat, model
• Mid-premium $97/month continuity
• “Nano”, low-ticket continuity
• Catch-all, backend continuity
• “Of the month” physical subscriptions
• Curated continuity
• FB group continuity
• Niche association
• Software (saas)
• Micro magazines
• Coaching continuity
• Done-For-You continuity

I know. I know. That a lot of recurring revenue!

But, my fellow marketing freak, please don’t get overwhelmed.

Start With ONE

How about you start by picking ONE?

Just one small, delicious slice of the continuity income pie in your niche?

If your first goal is to get to $10K per month in semi-passive income, let’s play out the numbers, shall we?

A mid-premium $97 per month continuity program (newsletter, live trainings, small group, etc.) needs just 104 people.

Are there 104 humans in your niche who would gladly invest $97 per month for specialized advice?

Maybe you want to go with a lower-price, 100% passive continuity program. So let’s say it’s a $29 curated newsletter. Just 344 subscribers will get you to that magical first milestone of $10K/month.

Picking the right continuity model is like your first school dance.

You feel a little awkward at first, but once the music starts playing (preferably some Bell Biv DeVoe!), the rhythm hits ya. You quickly get into the groove.

Your subscribers are dancing. You’re dancing. And everyone is loving it.

Be Proud

You should be PROUD of your continuity program because when it’s done right – there ain’t nothin’ better (and it shouldn’t take you more than just an hour a week to run!)

Lives are changing. Word is spreading. Membership is growing. And it’s as close to a “perfect business” as you can get.

Today, start to map out what your continuity program to hit that first $10K/month goal – and let’s put this baby into action.

Continuity income = freedom.