There’s a common myth in order to have a thriving membership site, you must have a community, like with private Facebook Groups.

There are lots of ways to build a community within a membership site and dozens of resources you can use, like…

• Facebook Groups



But the truth isn’t so clear-cut.

The Pain

If you don’t have a decent list or following, when you launch a membership site you might only get a few members.

And it’s painful to see a membership site with just 3 members in the community (and it’s even more painful when that site is yours).

No Rules

You do NOT need a Facebook Group or community. Lots of newsletters and Micro Memberships are pure content plays.

When I built previous memberships, I often had a community. But now – with the new Ryan Lee – there are no communities built-in.

Watch this short video and feel the stress melt away…

At the end of the day, while you’re building a membership site to serve your tribe – it’s still YOUR business. And the only RULE is there are no rules.