One of your jobs as a creator, expert, marketer, entrepreneur, advisor and all-around good human is to SIMPLIFY complex topics for your tribe.

Sometimes we want to show off for our “colleagues” by using a heavy dose of jargon.

For example a fitness pro would say “rectus abdominis” instead of just “abs”.

Unless you’re selling to colleagues in your niche – use the words your tribe uses.

Another way to SIMPLIFY messages is with a single graphic.

Here’s one I just created 5 minutes Canva…

A few things to note about this infographic…

1) Ain’t Perfect

This is a rough draft of an image and it’s not perfect. Down the road I can hire a graphic designer to make it even sexier, but right now – it’s good enough to go.

Your idea, graphics and systems can (and likely will) be refined over time. That’s okay. Don’t let it stop you.

You only get paid for done, so get movin’!

The Pain

If you can edit all those ideas rolling around in that brilliant brain of yours to just 3 things – that’s a great start.

Three is easiest for people to remember. 1-2-3. A-B-C.

3) Baby Got Brand

Do you have a specific font? Color palate? Does everything blend together or is it a mish-mosh of styles, looks, color

It’s a new year and you have a fresh start. NOW is the time to tie everything together.

Lean. Simple. Fresh.

Can you do this? Oh heck yeah!