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About a decade ago, one of my mentees started a competing nutrition company and grew it to $100 million in sales.

And I would have been very happy for him if it wasn’t our direct competitor (and it essentially put my company out of business).

So I went on a mission to build a 9-figure company.

I’d never done it before. 

Two had gone to 8-figures in yearly revenue. And a few more hit 7-figures. But 9-figures? Yup, that’ll show the world.

But the story didn’t end well.

It put enormous stress on me. It destroyed my health and when I was with my four young kids, I wasn’t really “there”.

So I took a time-out. Went for a restart.


I focused on smaller business with “less hassle, more profit” which I call micro-businesses.

They’re defined as companies that can be run by one person with a few strategic freelancers up to about $3 million in revenue.

These businesses tend to be lean, simple and profitable.

They’re built to support an actual.. wait for iiiit… lifestyle.

I’m going to continue to share my thoughts about this business model in more posts, videos and programs here.


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