So, you wanna lean about micro marketing?

Awesome! But first, a disclaimer.

I’m a BIG, BIG fan of paid customer acquisition. Simple offers to bring in new people at break-even.

Nailing a zero-risk, front-end offer is the key to the ultimate 7-figure, 1-person business.

This is where you should focus around 80% of your time.

But what about the other 20%?

Since I recently sold REWIND (my nutrition company) a couple of weeks ago, I’m now focusing on a simple micro-marketing campaign for my Ryan Lee brand.

Screenshot of my new videos on Instagram

Short videos and tactical social micro-distribution.

The key is packing as much power into the least amount of time.

Let these short videos do most of your heavy lifting.

Remember, this is your 20% NOT your 80% effort. Spend no more than 20 minutes on this stuff and the rest of your time? Let’s create a no-brainer offer.

It’s icing on the cake. Sprinkles on your ice cream. Mustard on your hot dog (never ketchup!).

As I’m playing  with micro-marketing…. you, my fellow marketing nerd, have a ring-side seat to the fun.

Here’s my first short video on Instagram (and yes, TikTok too.. I cannot wait to embarrass my 4 teens!!)

I’m going to start experimenting with videos, topics, descriptions and micro distribution.

This micro marketing stuff should be fun. Light. Non-stressful.

Now get out there and play, will ya?