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Social media is great, BUT, you can't "be everywhere". Trying to do everything leads to overwhelm and burnout.

Email is the key and it's where 96% of your SALES happen. However, most businesses are emailing wrong.

For example, I bought a nutrition product from a company. And the only email me once every 3 months when they have a sale. No hello. No story. It's just radio silence until it's time to "sell me".

These emails work for digital products, courses, e-commerce products,


Simple. Yet, Powerful.

This system will show you how to build your entire business around the power of email.

It's about delivering REAL value and connecting with your tribe on a deep level.

I don't teach tricks, gimmicks, fake countdown clocks or manipulation... because that's not the right way to build real relationships.

You're getting 19 years (and thousands of emails) of experience - all stripped of the

The "This One Rocks Your Inbox" Box Set

If you're a founder, the last thing you have time for is to be overloaded with another 29-hour, 19 module course (with 28 hours of "fluff"). The 1-Hour Founderseries cuts right to the "meat" to save you time. All of the theories are stripped away and you're delivered the good stuff you want.

You jump right into the training.. the REAL-WORLD strategies and tactics that help you get fast results in your business.

Topics Include...

This is a fluff-free program and we dive right in. Here are some of the topics you'll discover...
  • How to write email subjects that get opened
  • The best day and time to send your emails (get this wrong - and you're in trouble)
  • The simple way to "segment" your list
  • How to sell "continuity income" (recurring revenue) with one email
  • How to

How it Works:

This is a 60-minute intensive training... and you'll be able to watch it from anywhere.. with any device.

You'll receive instant access to...
  • The videos showing you (watch from any device online.. laptop, tablet or your phone)
  • The mp3 audio files (so you can listen on-the-go)
  • The transcriptions (print 'em out
  • The handouts with over 50 pages of my best-converting emails

Why am I Doing This?

I love coaching other founders almost as much as I love starting an impactful business. And since I've seen how many "coaches" rip people off with $10K programs that are all theory and deliver zero results.. it's time to roll-up my sleeves and deliver REAL training with REAL value.

This is

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