How to Build Yo' Business.. with SOUL!

Hi, I'm Ryan Lee and if you're reading this there's a chance you already know who I am. If not? Go here to watch a video of me in action.

Ok - you're busy. I'm busy. So I'll cut right to the chase.

Building a business is hard. Really hard. Really, really hard (did I mention it's hard?). And anyone who tells you different is lying (usually because they want to sell you a little somethin', somethin').

Before you freak out, let me explain.

We make it harder than it has to be because most of us start backwards. We buy software, create products and spend thousands of dollars on overpriced "courses" which teach lots of short lived tactics.

In other words, we buy the "sexy" stuff. Things like "How to get (insert an inflated number here) number of followers in 24 hours!!". Do this and be rich, I tell ya, they scream from the rooftops.

But the "gurus" forget to teach you how to carve out the RIGHT audience. Build the RIGHT brand. Create the RIGHT products. Sell at the RIGHT price. Market to attract the RIGHT people. Create the RIGHT message to convert to sales.

Most marketers are teaching methods that went out of fashion during the Clinton administration.

Fake countdown clocks. Lots of hype. Cheesy sales tactics. Awful powerpoint videos. High-pressure webinars.

We hear about "hustle" and try to "be everywhere".. which just leads to overwhelm, stress and going on a 24-hour Netflix binge.

But those days are over (thankfully!).

As my teen daughter might say - the people are "woke" and we're never turning back.

Still with me? Good.

Because if you want to build a profitable, ethical and fun business... the RIGHT way.. me thinks you'll like this...


Oh yeah, we're going there.

For the first (and only) time, you're invited to attend something new. Something that's never been done before. Something that will change the way you start, run and grow your business.

It's called "Greatest Hits" a four week program you can attend from the comfort of your own home.

Each class, you'll be taken, step-by-step, through the process of building a profitable, ethical and cheese-free business.

And just like the best "Greatest Hits" albums.. each training is 100% of the best-of-the-best stuff with NO fluff or "filler" tracks.

Here's the lineup...

Greatest Hits Vol. 1: this one builds your brand

Your Message is Everything!

Everything starts with your message and answering the big questions... "who do you serve?" and "why should I listen to you?".

Here's some of the awesomeness you'll discover in this micro-course...

  • 5 ways to stand out (even in the most crowded market)
  • How to create a brand that attracts the right peeps (and keeps out the wrong ones)
  • My #1 secret to world-class graphics on a tight budget
  • How to discover what your market REALLY wants
  • Are you going too narrow with your market? It's time to learn the truth from two billion dollar businesses!
  • Our favorite place on how to "spy" on your competitors
  • And much more...
This is like a pre-req for all the marketing that comes after. Because if you get your message and brand wrong - all the marketing tactics in the world won't help you.

Then, we start to build...

Greatest Hits Vol. 2: this one launches your site

Say Goodbye to "Tech" Stress!

This is probably the biggest roadblock for entrepreneurs. After all, there are virtually unlimited choices - so you run around like a headless chicken.

Do I use Wordpress? What about Clickfunnels? Do I setup "funnels"? How about email systems?

It's confusing (and expensive) once the gurus get their hooks in ya. But have no fear as I'll break down the SIMPLE way to have a site that sells.. without the big costs and headaches.

So during this training, you'll get all the answers...
  • The best (and easiest) way to build your site
  • How can you create mind-blowing graphics on a shoestring budget
  • The all-in-one shopping cart to simplify your sales
  • How to simplify all your tech with ONE place to login to run everything
  • And much more...

It's time to breath easy, my friend. Help is on the way.

Then, we start turning our ideas into income...

Greatest Hits Vol. 3: this one creates your revenue

Turn Your Ideas into Revenue!

Up next? It's time to create your "offer". And there are lots of options.. digital products, books, membership sites, coaching, physical products, e-commerce, etc.

  • How to turn your ideas, knowledge and skills into monthly, dependable, recurring revenue (membership site!)
  • How to create a full, premium "course" in just one day. Seriously.
  • The ONE thing you can create that'll instantly get you booked on every podcast!
  • My 3-tiered pricing model to maximize revenue and make your tribe very, very happy
  • How to KEEP your customers coming back over and over again
  • The color you should NEVER use in your product design
  • And much more...

By the end of this micro-course, you'll know exactly what to sell, how to price it correctly and how to give yourself the best chance of success!

Greatest Hits Vol. 4: this one sells your stuff

Email is Still King!

Don't believe the hype.. because up to 95% of your sales will come from email. Nothing comes close.

And this session will blow you away...
  • The best day and time to send your email (ignore at your own risk)
  • How to come up with unlimited content
  • The one thing you should NEVER say in your email (almost everyone makes this deadly mistake)
  • How to get your email opened every time
  • The best email to send when you want to make a fast sale
  • And so much more.
And even though the word "ninja" is annoying and overused - you will become an "email ninja" by the end of this one ( I can't believe I just used "ninja"!).

Just like the best informercials of yore..

... but wait, there's more :)


The Unreleased Tracks!

Want More Traffic? Here Ya Go...

Ummm.. yeah. Not sure how to describe how good this is.

We're bringing on one of my personal media buyers. He spends over $1 million PER MONTH in traffic and will dive into the TRUTH about how to get almost unlimited traffic online.

Should you use pics or videos? How large should graphics be? What's the best audience to target?

But be prepared, this session is going to change the way you think about getting traffic (just wait until you see what he has to say about Facebook posts!!).

Game. On.


Ugg.. this is where I'm supposed to give you all my qualifications. And tell you why you should listen to me.. a guy who has proven he can repeat his success over 20 years by building two 8-figure companies and three 7-figures ones to boot.

Why you should listen to someone that's coached thousand of other successful business owners. Someone who's been on the front page of The Wall Street Journal, Success Magazineand was called "the world's #1 lifestyle entrepreneur" by

Someone who builds REAL businesses in REAL markets like health and fitness. Someone who doesn't believing in "hustling" (I have four kids and always home by 4pm to C&C.. "carpool and coach"!).

But you know what? I won't do it. I won't brag and toot my own horn. Nope.. I won't go there.

If you're still not sure about "this guy Ryan Lee" - then just read some reviews on my FB page from real peeps.


I know. I know.

You might be thinking, "Hey Ryan, if you're so successful - then why are you selling your trainings? Why not just give them away and I'll pay you after I build my business?".

First - like most true entrepreneurs, I love to create. And teach. You can call it an obsession. Teaching entrepreneurship is one of my favorite things (coming in 3rd place behind playing with my kids and watching movies, of course!)

And second - I've been around the block. What I've discovered is if it's free, you likely won't watch nor take action. Because you have no skin in the game. So if I want my peeps to actually BUILD businesses - there's gotta be some investment.

Finally - I still value every dollar. For 6 years I lived at my parent's house while I worked at a Children's Hospital. I saved every dollar and still believe in hard work. Plus, when we have a few thousand people taking this program - I don't care how wealthy you are - it's still a really nice payday for me (and putting four kids through college ain't getting any cheaper!).

The BIG Question.. HOW MUCH??

Yup, I knew it was coming. This big question.

How much scratch is this going to set me back? Is this one of those $2,000.00 courses?

Since these "greatest hits" courses are brand new - you get a break. A really BIG break.

Because they'll eventually sell for between $100-$300 PER COURSE.. and you'll get it ALL for just one payment of $199.

That's right. Just $199 for EVERYTHING.

Over 20 years of real, in-the-trenches, business-building-advice delivered on a silver platter.

The Price Is Going Up!

This early bird price going up soon. So jump on it right now.

Heck Yeah, I'm In!

Four weeks of real, ethical business building advice by Ryan? And I get the bonus traffic session?

Ummm.. gimme the damn button!

What's the Catch, Ryan?

This is where the doubt starts to creep in because it sounds "too good to be true".

Seriously. If it was this good, then how come I'm not charging $2,000.00 - $5,000.00 like everyone else?

It's pretty simple, actually.

My main income comes from "non-marketing" businesses.. like Rewind. So I don't need to sell marketing advice to make a living. Which means I don't have to play by their rules.

Oh, plus it's fun to raise the bar. And put a little pressure on so many of the "gurus" who've been overcharging for their fluffy training. Maybe, just maybe, this'll cause everyone to start delivering outstanding value.

Either way, you benefit. BIG time by attending LIVE and getting the recordings at a massive discount.

Ok, But There's Gotta Be An "Upsell"?

Now you're thinking.. "ok, well there's gotta be a bunch of upsells?". Maybe some high-pressure "strategy call" where Ryan tries to sell me some "spoon with Ryan" $50K coaching package.

Nope. Nope and Nope.

This is the ONLY thing I have to offer. No upsells. No pressure to buy more. And no games.

The way it should be.. and it feels sooooo good.

What If This Program.. Sucks?

Umm.. that'll never happen. Because everything I do - the goal is to give you 100X value.

BUT, let's say you go through all four weeks AND the bonus traffic training and it just ain't your cup of tea.

No problemo. Just email me and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked. No hard feelings. And you'll even get to keep the recordings.

All the risk is squarely where they belong. - on my shoulders. Mmmmkay?

BTW, if it makes you feel better, we've had ZERO refund requests. Not one.. because this one truly over-delivers.

Let's Do This!

Ready to Rock?

If you are willing to put your faith in my, I PROMISE you won't be disappointed.

Join me and thousands of other smart, ethical, entrepreneurs who are looking for something different. Something real. And something that cuts through all the BS.

Just click the button and INSTANT access to the entire program is yours.