Greatest Hits LIVE... The Recordings!

Here you go. It's time to build a REAL business.. with SOUL!

New recordings will be added within 48 hours of the live class.

vol 1. this one builds your brand

During this class, we dive deep into the "strategy" of how to build your brand to stand out in a crowded market. Get ready for a shift on how you position your biz...

vol 2. this one launches your site

Now, it's time to look at your "tech". Don't worry, we make it really, really simple. You'll see exactly what you need in your toolbox - then, we open up the browser and start building!

vol 3. this one creates your revenue

Are you ready to start building out your products and offers? No problem - I've got your back. This session is intense - but you'll see the "best of the best" strategies on how to create products and services... FASTER than you ever thought possible!

vol 4. this one sells your stuff

Now we start selling.. with email. During this class, you'll discover my 6-step system that'll create a rock-solid relationship with your tribe and skyrocket your conversions. You don't want to miss this one!

vol 5. this one gets you traffic

As we wrap-up greatest hits, it's time to hand the mic over to Travis Speegle. He's one of the best media buyers on the planet (spending over $1 million per month) and he breaks down the TRUTH about getting traffic.