How to Build (and Scale) a 100% "Virtual" Team

This might just be the shortest "sales" letter you'll ever read - because you don't need 50 pages of copy (or a 45-minute video sales letter) to try and "convince" you about the importance of building a virtual, outsourced team.

Let's face it - you can't do it all. No one can.

But you no longer need hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a virtual team. In fact, it often starts with just one person. The right person. A few hours a week that can transform your business and add instant fuel to your growth.

My name is Ryan Lee and I've been building virtual companies for over 20 years (I'll spare you my resume - and with the risk of sounding arrogant, you can google me). For 90-minutes, we'll do a deep dive into how to create your own virtual team.

Here's the deets on this upcoming, intensive training... nice and simple...

What's Covered...

Here's just a few of the strategies, tactics and advice you'll get in this training...
  • The right time to bring on some help
  • Who is the FIRST person you should ever consider hiring (the wrong role will kill your business)?
  • What's the ONE question you must ask before you hire anyone? (do this and you'll hire the right person every time)
  • How much you should pay your team
  • How to protect your business and IP from virtual employees
  • How to build a team.. in only a few minutes a day
  • My favorite resource to train your team on autopilot (yup.. the ol' "set it and forget it!")
  • The one role you should NEVER outsource!
  • The best, highly-motivated, amazing people (almost no one does this!)
  • My "Essential 7" virtual tools you MUST have in your business
  • And much more...

The New 1-Hour Founder Series (for busy founders!)

This training is part of the brand new "1-Hour Founder" series. An ongoing series of short, tactical training programs laser-focused on a specific topic.. just for founders.

We go DEEP into the strategy, tactics and implementation.

There's no fluff. No upsells into coaching or a mastermind. And no games.

This training is happening LIVE on Wednesday March 20that 1pm EST.

If you can't make it live - you'll still receive access to the full video recordings.

The Investment

The price is just $99. A clean, one-time price.

No games. No up-sells. No re-bills. No pressure.

It's affordable enough for everyone who is serious about building a real, virtual business. And, yet, you have some "skin in the game" to listen and take action.

I won't use the old-school, manipulative "if you can't invest $99 in your business education then you're not serious about it" schtick.

Because either you "get" the value of my having 20-year track record of creating multi-million dollar, high-value, ethical virtual businesses in dozens of markets.. or you don't.

If it feels good to you. Awesome, just click the button below to register for live access to the program (and get the recordings immediately after it's complete).

And if this isn't right for you - that's cool too. It's not for everyone. To quote the late first lady Nancy Reagan, you can "just say no".

Oh yeah, I don't have overhyped guarantees either. My guarantee is pretty simple. If you go through this training and feel like it wasn't worth 20X your investment - you'll receive a full refund (and keep the recordings). No questions asked.

There you go. Either you click the button below to invest in building your virtual team or you "backspace" and try to do it all yourself.